Karamollaoğlu: "There are many victims in our country"

Karamollaoğlu: "There are many victims in our country"
Date: 20.1.2020 12:00

Provincial and district regular congresses of the Felicity (Saadet) Party continue to be held. President Temel Karamollaoğlu attended the Edirne, Istanbul Beşiktaş and Sultangazi congresses.

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The ordinary congress excitement continues in the provincial and district organizations of Felicity (Saadet) Party. 
At the 6th Ordinary Congress of the Saadet Party Edirne Province Presidency, Ali Demirkıran, the Saadet Party Edirne Provincial President, refreshed confidence, while the Saadet Party Beşiktaş District President 6th Ordinary Congress was elected as the President again. Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, who went to Edirne for the ordinary congress, attended the conference held in Beşiktaş by teleconference.


Saadet Party President Temel Karamollaoğlu, who attended the 6th Ordinary Congress of the Saadet Party Beşiktaş District Presidency by teleconference, can survive the hard times with people who are faithful, self-sacrificing and who perform their duties in a fundamental way. I believe in this. For him, there is a great burden and a busy position on the shoulders of the National Visionists. I hope that our brothers and sisters who will take office will work with this consciousness. God bless you all. We have to make great sacrifices," he said.


Temel Karamollaoğlu, addressing the participants at the 6th Ordinary Congress of the Felicity Party Edirne Provincial Directorate, "We are in an environment where economic problems are at the top and there is a confusion in foreign policy. In such a situation, those who have to provide the environment of brotherhood hope to create an atmosphere of tension thanks to their supporters. There is confusion in many parts of the world, wherever we go, we are faced with bellow and tears like America, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia. Although it is said that everything is getting better in our country, we have difficulty in understanding the things that go well when there are 4.5 million unemployed people," he added.
There are many victims in our country
Temel Karamollaoğlu addressing inequalities in Turkey, "half the world knows not how the other half lives. Those who are in power, those who occupy the corners with the government and work for their own interests, do not understand the state of the people who suffer and experience deprivation. It is possible for us to stand up in countries like us with the acceptance of the basic principles. There are many victims in our country. They say that justice has been established, but there are hundreds of thousands of people in this country who have been victimized by decrees. It is not possible to say that justice has been established in a country already acting with the Decree Laws," he criticized.


Temel Karamollaoğlu, "Our economic model is nowhere in the world. You will hit the back of the employee, you will make the angle doomed to yourself. Production no longer exists, even debt cannot be found. The biggest item in the budget goes to interest. Where does the interest go, what we borrow. To pay our debts, they are not satisfied with the taxes they take power and they take new debts. It is not possible for them to continue this economy like this. Today, our education system is also in a miserable state in our country. If a party, which has been in power for 16-17 years, could not change 6-7 national education ministers and put the education on track, it will not be possible after this time," he said.


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