Karamollaoglu: "We are going to the elections to win all 81 provinces"

Karamollaoglu: "We are going to the elections to win all 81 provinces"
Date: 17.3.2019 11:00

Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu addressed tens of thousands in the context of local elections meetings in Adana and Sivas.

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Karamollaoğlu, who made evaluations about the Kar survivor problem ül, which is constantly on the agenda of the Alliance of Programs, "This country has no problem of survivability. AKP and his partner MHP has a problem of survivability. That's why they're worried. But we're calling from here again. We will not leave this country to the ruling party and those who act with it, to those who declare everyone except themselves to a traitor," he said.
Karamollaoğlu pointed out that the AKP is no longer grieving the problems and that it is trying to turn the local elections into a combat atmosphere. We do not criticize the power for being evil. We are friendly, you know the problems in the country, so we can tell them to find a solution. Today, our country is facing serious problems. Our concern is that our 81 million people live in a prosperous, peaceful country.
Karamollaoğlu stated that they were the most ambitious party on their way to the local elections and they chose the candidates accordingly. We entered the elections in all of the 81 provinces to win municipalities in all districts and towns. We have an understanding of this country, of this country, and even of this world, to be a more peaceful, more prosperous country and world. We're the National Visions. We opened our arms to everyone. When this is a response in society, someone is trying to show us in contact with places. But they're wrong. Our nation knows us," he said.
Karamollaoğlu, who also made evaluations about the country's problems, said that justice was the beginning of these problems and said: "If people are taken to justice and persecuted, these people ask for their account. Justice is not in the palaces. It's in the heart. We are obliged to raise justice."
Adana Provincial Chairman Mustafa Gözütok Saadet Party, who spoke in the program held in the election process, despite all the pressure and coercion in the selection of mayoral candidates and all the members of the organization who gave support to the altruist.
Saadet Party Sivas Provincial Chairman Mehmet Zahit Tokgöz said in his speech: "We feel it is difficult for some people to understand the accusations that are totally based on us, even though the political atmosphere is very low in these days."
Sivas Mayoral Candidate Melih in his speech that he is a suitor to Sivas and said: "In case of duty, we will implement our projects. We would like to thank Mr. Köksal for bringing our projects together with the chairmen of our valuable organization."


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