Karamollaoglu: "We are working to win not to increase the votes"

Karamollaoglu: "We are working to win not to increase the votes"
Date: 10.3.2019 13:00

Saadet Party General Chairman Karamollaoğlu, "We are working to win the local elections not to increase our votes," he said.

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Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, in his speech at the meeting of the mayoral candidates in a hotel in Erenler district of Sakarya, to raise the pillars of Sakarya at a local election, to solve the problems, to establish a fair order, to come to power on March 31 they said they were preparing.
When the Saadet Party came to power, a fertile movement to start, Karamollaoğlu said.
"Abundance is our motto. We where the local government and the general government, including the government came to power, always blessed. Saadet Party does not get help from the treasury, hearts of those who believe in this case with little savings and work with scarce opportunities. we go over the issue of halal, if we think about society, we give a million to one million if we do not devote to haram. Therefore, a resource problem does not come to our mind."
Karamollaoğlu, March 31 local elections in Turkey will not change its overall management, it reminded me of the scene will change only administrative.
"We will respect the equity and keep justice on top"
"If we have a number of problems in this country, we need to embrace everyone, if there is a matter of survivability, we need to embrace everybody. When the mayoral candidates sit on their chairs, they will certainly not make any difference in the service between those who vote and do not vote, they will never taffle the wrong, a person who is never qualified, 'This is from us.' "We will respect fairness, we will be fair and we will keep justice on top."


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