Karamollaoğlu: "We must produce what we import"

Karamollaoğlu: "We must produce what we import"
Date: 2.12.2019 13:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party Leader Temel Karamollaoğlu participated in the planning and training camp organized by his party in Bursa Yalova Armutlu.

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Felicity Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, made evaluations on the agenda. Karamollaoğlu stated that they do not see development as investments made in the service sector only and added, "The investment in the service sector is like the last model of a person in debt. We need new investments. What we import now, we must produce all ourselves."
The Felicity Party Bursa Provincial Presidency organized a three-day planning and training camp for members of the organization in Yalova Armutlu. 
Felicity Party President Temel Karamollaoğlu participated in the camp where many educational activities and social activities took place and met with members of the organization on the last day. 


Karamollaoğlu, "The polarization is so intense that we can no longer solve the problems. We cannot find solutions to our problems from fighting with each other. The polarization environment has become a major problem. Power has been using this method for 17 years. All these years, instead of solving the problems of the people, he preferred to polarize the society. If you can't solve the problems for 17 years, then you can't solve them."


Stating that they do not intend to offend anyone, Karamollaoğlu said, "We are just warning, we are trying to show the facts. But in recent years the ruling has declared anyone who does not think like him or act like himself a traitor. We want this environment to change. If we want peace and tranquility in a country, then ideas and ideas should be free. But unfortunately there is no peace and tranquility in our country today, nor is there freedom of thought and opinion. Peace and tranquility must come again, people must respect each other's ideas and thoughts. In addition to all our problems, we need to address this issue first."


Temel Karamollaoğlu said, "Peace, trust and peace are not established in a country without public justice. We are a community gathered to keep the right superior. Omar (r.a.), "What is the religion of the state?" When asked, "the state's religion is justice," he commanded. Justice is such an important thing. Merit is an issue that we should pay attention to as much as justice. So don't give it to your people. When we assign a person, we never give premium to people who will do injustice. We need to find people who do their job well and deserve it."


Karamollaoğlu, "When corruption and waste is eliminated, the cost of the work is reduced from 10 to 1. We saw an example of this in 1996 when Erbakan took office. 20 percent or 30 percent increase in inflation under pressure to discuss the officer Erbakan Hodja made a 50 percent raise. In the following periods, reaching up to 130 percent of the civil servant hikes officer, worker, retiree's face caused laughter. If we come back to work today, we will do the same. We will find the right diagnosis for Turkey when we come to power," he said.


Karamollaoğlu, "We do not see development as investments in the service sector. Investment in the service sector is like a person in debt getting into the latest model car. Turkey for years in such a situation. Unemployment, according to official figures, 5 million, but when you look a little deep reaches up to 8 million. We need new investments. What we import now, we must produce them all. When I say this, someone says aphakia speaks for me, I come from within the industry and production. When you give the necessary support to the industrialists and investors of this country, they will overthrow the mountains," he added.


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