Karamollaoglu: "Ziraat Bank should return to its position"

Karamollaoglu: "Ziraat Bank should return to its position"
Date: 10.1.2019 12:00

Karamollaoğlu reacted strongly to the fact that the debts of sports clubs will spread over the long term with low interest rates by Ziraat Bank.

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Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, reacted strongly to the fact that with the leadership of Ziraat Bank, the debts of the submerged sports clubs will be spread over the long term with low interest rates. However, if the amount ordered by the law at least to the farmer, this problem is overcome.
Karamollaoğlu reiterated that 115 mayoral candidates were announced their names so far and that 95 per cent of the candidates for mayor will be introduced to the public at the candidate presentation meeting to be held on January 27th.
Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu made important statements on the agenda at the regular weekly press conference. At a press conference held at the headquarters of his party, Karamollaoğlu evaluated the general elections and the economy, as well as the long-term debts of Ziraat Bank's sports clubs and evaluated the foreign policy.
Karamollaoğlu started his speech by celebrating Working Journalists Day on January 10th. Referring to the brutal murder of a student of the academician Ceren Damar Karamollaoğlu said, "Similar events have increased a lot. We have some questions to ask ourselves. How did a generation where his student massacred his teacher? We have to think about it for a long time. Maybe we weren't slaughtering the teachers before, but we live in an environment that's assaulting doctors in hospitals. In fact, this 23-year-old young man directed this weapon not only to his teacher but to our nation. We have to think about our shortcomings. In high schools, we saw his teachers beat them. Now it is time for the students to kill their instructors. We will raise a religious generation. The point they came from is not at all pleasant. We think that National Opinionists should be given importance to  moral and spirituality first. Society, going bankrupt morally," he said.
In order to protest the Chinese persecution in East Turkestan, Karamollaoglu reminded that the Uyghur people walking from Ankara to Ankara for 17 days were stopped in Kizilcahamam. I see this behavior of the government wrong. This upset us and our Uighur brothers. Developments in other regions should also be our concern. We should not break this conversation with China. China is the most powerful country in the world after the USA. China, who wants to be effective in the world, should be warned about this. If the Uyghur people have a hard attitude, all mankind is affected. The thoughts against China change. These Muslim brothers have the right to live humanly.
As the economy gets worse, the power is going to sell the opportunities it has, Karamollaoğlu adding that the government sold 95 percent of the 90 years of accumulation. Karamollaoğlu said,  Last year they privatized sugar factories. This year, they have been privatizing the Sakarya Tank Pallet factory. The foundation of this factory was laid in the 1960s. But life was realized when Milli Görüş became a power partner. The sale of such a factory puts a bullet in our feet. Industry makes production to profit everywhere. If it doesn't produce, it gives up. I want to ask you didn't learn anything from what happened in the privatization of Türk Telekom? Which of the most important elements of our defense industry today to sell the Tank Pallet factory fits into reason logic? Unfortunately, this power is no longer surprising us in any way, but we are sorry. The future of our country is under mortgage. This mentality is leading our country down a cliff. Today there are only about 900 people working as factory workers.


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