Karamollaoğlu: Civil servants, retirees could not have the rise as much as oil

Karamollaoğlu: Civil servants, retirees could not have the rise as much as oil
Date: 7.1.2021 14:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu held the first press conference of 2021 at the headquarters of his party.

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Saadet Party leader Temel Karamollaoğlu held the first press conference of 2021 at the headquarters of his party. Karamollaoğlu started his speech by wishing that the new year will be a year of goodness in the world, especially in our country.


Speaking about the danger of drought due to dry days, Karamollaoğlu emphasized that we are faced with a climate crisis. Underlining the importance of environmentalist steps to be taken against climate change, which has an increasing impact in the world, Karamollaoğlu said, "If we do not protect nature, the life we ​​live in becomes unlivable tomorrow. For mining areas, the environment must not be destroyed to earn rent and money. The following four factors are very important for the environment; our air, water, soil and forests. If we do not protect the environment, our country will become uninhabitable. Do not forget that; You cannot count your money without breathing."


Stating that it is essential to prevent wasting water, Karamollaoğlu continued his speech and made the following call: "Our belief is based on the understanding of not wasting water even if you make ablution by the lake. For this reason, it is essential to avoid wasting water. With the mentality that a drop of water saves lives, both the municipalities and the government should direct the citizen to saving water. Our citizens should show much more sensitivity to the use of water in their personal lives. We must be aware that every drop of wasted water threatens our future. The duty of the authorities is to avoid steps that disturb the natural balance and to protect our forests, water resources and our land. See; In 2019, at least 75 thousand hectares of forest ecosystem was completely destroyed and damaged at various levels. On the other hand, creation of a new forest ecosystem was carried out on a total of 30.349 hectares. According to these data, the forest ecosystem of 45 thousand hectares decreased in our country only in 2019. These data are alarming, they are one of the causes of the climate crisis we are living in."


Karamollaoğlu, who continued the press conference by criticizing the increase in civil servant salaries in the past days, said, "The figures of the Turkey's Statistical Agency (TURKSTAT) are taken as a basis for the increases. However, TURKSTAT has turned into a statistics institution that does not upset the President. Everyone knows that their numbers do not reflect reality. For this reason, the citizen does not rely on these numbers. Everybody knows how their own pocket is burning. The egg is 1.5 lira. Sunflower oil has been raised by 110 percent. Increase in bridges and highways 26 percent, natural gas and electricity 35 percent. Despite all these increases, the salary of civil servants is increased by 7.36 percent and pensions by 8.36 percent."


Expressing that the raise rates reveal the misery of the government, Karamollaoğlu said, "There is a proverb; "half the world knows not how the other half lives." Because the minister is full of stomach, she can say "there is no poverty in this country" on such issues. If the minister approaches the issue with such a logic, it is definitely not possible to solve this issue. Therefore, under today's conditions, I do not think that the government will be able to take measures that will cure our problems. Because the economic policy of this government is wrong."


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