Kashmir is the common issue of Ummah

Kashmir is the common issue of Ummah
Date: 14.2.2019 13:00

'Kashmir Solidarity Day' program was organized by ESAM and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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In an opening speech of the program, ESAM President Recai Kutan emphasized that the violence in Kashmir has been continuing since 1948. 
"The solution is that the representatives of Muslim communities come together and establish a new fair world order. The day is a gathering of our own beliefs and values, and it is to revive our own civilization, the only prescription for mankind," Kutan said.
Together with the Economic and Social Researches Center (ESAM) and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan organized 'Kashmir Solidarity Day' in Ankara. 
Chairman of the High Advisory Board Oğuzhan Asiltürk, Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, ESAM President Recai Kutan, Chief Advisor to the President İlnur Çevik, Ambassador of Pakistan Islamic Republic Syrus Sajjad Qazi, Public Supervisor Şeref Malkoç, Memur-Sen Chairman Ali Yalcin, mission chiefs, ambassadors, deputies, representatives of political parties, representatives of non-governmental organizations and many guests attended to the program.


Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoglu stated in his speech that the Kashmir issue has deteriorated every day for 70 years in the order established after the Second World War and added; Of course we are making an effort; however, when we say what is being done, what we say should be done, I think it is necessary to praise Kashmiris who do not give up their resistance despite the increasing persecution. Like the Palestinians. We're reading here. And nobody still has any idea when this problem is solved. Here, sensitive countries need to come together and take concrete steps. The fact that Kashmiris insist on their resistance makes us happy. Kashmir is our concern, but it is not a story that we can recall the persecution of Kashmir every year. If we cry together once every year, we should cry twice today. Because we couldn't go a distance," he criticized.
The Western world will not solve the problem, Karamollaoglu said. 
"The West was indifferent to solving the problems of the Islamic world."
Karamollaoğlu continued as follows: “We have a lot of international organizations in front of us. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is insensitive, does not move to anything. They don't know you have a problem with Kashmir. Such organizations need to take action for the problems of Islamic countries. Founded in 1997, D-8s have to be the most dynamic. D-8 has to come together and produce the project. They need to produce politics. Where are those policies? If you are going to solve a problem that surely will lead to a meeting that countries should be put on the agenda the problems Turkey. We had to talk about solutions here. We're not talking about this right now. If we cannot come together, if we do not discuss matters, we cannot resolve the case of Palestine and Kashmir for 70 years, if we are not in consensus. If we don't see the facts, we can't solve a problem. I hope that these meetings are not held for long because Kashmir gains independence and integrates with Pakistan, then we celebrate Kashmir's independence day," he added.
ESAM President Recai Kutan, who started his speech by stating that Western civilization dominated the world of humanity for 200 years, emphasized that the atrocities in Kashmir have been continuing since 1948. More than 100 thousand of our brothers have lost their lives to this day, more than 10 thousand people are missing and there is no information on whether the losses are still alive. 10 thousands of women have been subjected to treatment that is unworthy of human dignity, more than a thousand of our siblings have been the target of cluster munitions and therefore have lost their sight," he said.


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