Kashmir problem to be discussed

Kashmir problem to be discussed
Date: 12.2.2019 13:00

'Kashmir Solidarity Day' event will be organized today in cooperation with ESAM and Pakistan Embassy in Ankara.

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ESAM, which regularly conducts activities such as panels and conferences on Kashmir every year, will also discuss the Kashmir Problem. 
Kashmir Solidarity Day program will be organized together with the Center for Economic and Social Researches (ESAM) and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 
This evening, the program will be held at Ankara Hilton Hotel and Kashmir Issue will be discussed with the theme of 'The common issue of the Ummah.'
Saadet Party leader Temel Karamollaoğlu and some participants will deliver a speech.
Ambassador of Pakistan Syrus Sajjad Qazi will also share his views on the Kashmir problem. 
Many political parties and non-governmental organizations will participate in the program and the public will be informed about the problems in Kashmir. 


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