Kaya: "The Felicity Party will lead the way"

Kaya: "The Felicity Party will lead the way"
Date: 11.12.2019 13:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party Deputy Chairman Bülent Kaya, evaluated the agenda at a press conference.

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Felicity (Saadet) Party Deputy Chairman Bülent Kaya, at a press conference announced his party's views on current issues to the public. 
At the press conference held at Balgat Education Center, Kaya evaluated the important topics of the agenda, especially the ongoing discussions over City (Şehir) University.


"The focus of the debate recently began to address the issue of the City University", said Kaya and drew attention to the instrument of political reckoning. 
Kaya said, "Today, it is clear that the main intentions of the individuals and organizations who have been defeated by the City University and robbed the protectorate of the public property are not protection of public property and ethical values. Unfortunately, the principle that prevails in the circles of power is: Being an AK Party member covers every dirt, leaving the AK Party is enough for you to get dirty! This field is a space for you to stay in the classroom. Find yourself another area of ​​opposition."


Underlining the necessity of unity around the social contract despite all differences, Kaya said, "As a nation we should come together and start a march of social rights and justice within the framework of respect for each other."
Kaya listed the articles of association as follows: "The first item should be justice. Another article should be to believe in the existence of fundamental rights and freedoms for all and freedom of thought and expression. Another article is that the public administration is based on merit and that no party discrimination is taken into consideration in order to benefit from public opportunities. Another article is transparency and supervision in state administration. Another article is the prevention of corruption and waste in the use of public resources. Another item is the protection of the family to protect the family for a healthy society."
Kaya, Felicity Party after it has made great congress on November 3, he said Turkey will lead to unity all around will come together.


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