Kurdaş: "Turkish foreign policy is impersonal"

Kurdaş: "Turkish foreign policy is impersonal"
Date: 29.9.2020 15:00

Mustafa Kurdaş, the Editor-in-Chief of Milli Gazete, answered the questions of Bilali Yıldırım regarding the agenda on TV5.

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Answering the question "Why can't Turkey fight with world Muslims against oppression? Kurdaş said, "In such cases it is always based on personal foreign policy. Here, I always think of our late Erbakan Hodja. The main line discourse of our teacher in foreign policy is a personal foreign policy. What is the opposite of this means impersonal. Our teacher sometimes invited and told about the policy implemented with the principles he had made with his calls. Impersonal policy was implemented in Turkey for many years. In person today? Could your Iraq policy with the USA be personal? Could your Libya policy with the USA and NATO be personal? Since your Eastern Mediterranean policy has not been personal for 20 years, aren't we experiencing these problems today? In that regard, Erbakan always comes to my mind about such matters."
Kurdaş also stated that Erbakan hodja made an important work to prevent America from entering the region with his visit to Central Asia in 1992 as part of his personal foreign policy.


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