Kürecik mistake!

Kürecik mistake!
Date: 13.12.2019 11:00

You are threatening to shut down your own Kürecik Radar Base that you've established. Is that a mistake or a confession of wrong?

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Apparently, we've made it available to the United States. Let's close it never open it!
Malatya Kürecik Radar Base, which was founded by the current government in the last days of 2010, was activated despite all warnings. At the point we have reached today, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, "If the US imposes sanctions on Turkey, we turn off the beads," while actually rather this base, NATO is under the control of the United States, and most importantly, acknowledge the mistakes of the base's organization.


Within the scope of NATO's missile defense system, the location of the radar to be installed in Turkey was determined by the memorandum of understanding signed in September 2011.
NATO missile defense system if the system as explained in the memorandum of understanding on behalf of Turkey, Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioglu, had signed on behalf of US Ambassador to Ankara Francis Ricciardone. Radar system, 2 thousand kilometers in the area of ​​all kinds of aircraft reached a certain height and the United States by the detection of the ballistic missiles that can be launched in the region was established repeatedly with documents. This information has been confirmed once more by Çavuşoğlu's statements.


Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, "If the sanctions by the US Congress in the aftermath of the crisis and what steps the US might be in Turkey? Could the status of Incirlik come to the agenda? 
He used the following statements: "Incirlik comes, Kürecik comes, everything comes. We don't want to talk about assumptions about the bad scenario. The decision of the Congress is not enough. Management's decision is important. In the end, if we consider the worst scenario, we evaluate the demands of our nation, then we decide. All alternatives are evaluated."
In those days, Malatya Kürecik Radar Base was brought to the agenda by the Milli Gazete daily. We drew attention to the danger here with countless headlines.


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