Local election traffic!

Local election traffic!
Date: 17.9.2018 13:00

The AK Party and MHP will continue the Republic Alliance, while the opposition plans to open their cards!

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According to information obtained from MHP sources, MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli's local elections in the persistence of the continuation of the alliance with the AK Party appeared to be waiting for a difficult local election process. According to the polls conducted by the MHP R & D unit, many of the metropolitan cities will go to the opposition parties.
In previous statements, Bahçeli and his administration, which strongly rejected the alliance in the local elections, felt the need for an alliance. Especially in metropolitan metropolitan cities due to what happened in the June 24 elections, the AK Party and MHP voters voted to enter the search. The possibility of winning big cities like Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir is quite low, and the MHP will take the decision to support the AK Party in a few district municipalities in local elections.
According to the information received from the MHP backstage, R&D and local administrations were directed to local elections. As a result of the studies and surveys, it was learned that the possibility of passing to the opposition parties of many metropolitan cities such as Ankara and Istanbul became more prominent with the worsening economic conditions. In the event that such a result would emerge in the local elections, the presidential system will be opened for discussion and the early general elections may be on the agenda.
MHP'nin local elections in the AKP to use the word of the alliance said. Instead of the Alliance, concepts such as ağı reconciliation lar or ’cooperation’ were used. He also instructed the Bahçeli staffs not to frighten the AKP's Kurdish electorate and then instruct the alliance not to say it.


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