M. Emin Yıldırım: "Unearned gain undermines social order, justice"

M. Emin Yıldırım: "Unearned gain undermines social order, justice"
Date: 8.1.2019 15:00

Pointing out that Islam is against the monopolization of the lottery, any types of gambling, researcher-writer Muhammed Emin Yıldırım underlined that gambling has shaken social order and justice and the public should be sensitive against it.

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The long queues formed by millions of people who dream of entering the New Year as rich, in front of the "National Lottery" dealers, reveal a painful picture.
In a predominantly Muslim country, there are reactions from the people and Islamic scholars to the gambling by putting the phrase "national" at the beginning of its name.
"People should show much more serious sensitivity"
Reminding that gambling has been forbidden both in the Qur'an and in the statements of the Prophet Muhammad, Yıldırım said: "All these evidence is gathered in one point: Islam opposes monopolization of unearned gains in certain hands. Because it undermines social order and justice."
Yıldırım underlined that the worse is that the National Lottery has come to a point where it is perceived as a legitimate business in society, especially by the state. "As a result, if gambling is bad and forbidden, people's reaction will be shaped according to it."
"If something is done by state and portrayed as a very innocent thing on television, it damages people's sensitivities at this point, which becomes a social disaster. People should show much more sensitivity," he added.
"The most beautiful earning is turn an honest penny"
Saying that gambling is a cause of unjust gaining, Yıldırım continued: "Gambling is not the result of the turn an honest penny, but of an effort at the point of getting others earnings in a short time and little labor. And this is not the right thing."
"As a result, the most beautiful person's earnings is the turn an honest penny. We know that all prophets made their living with what they have earned by working. Even though there were people [Prophets] who will protect people for the hereafter, none of them has survived sponge on the nation."
Stating that people should follow the path of prophets, Yıldırım underlined that people must avoid anything that will cause social anarchy, chaos, unjust gain, and hatred.
"We are witnessing a lot of people and events in the news that people who have gambling depth have killed their parents, burned their house, killed their family, and then committed suicide, and reduced their status in society," Yıldırım said.
In order to avoid these painful events, Yıldırım suggested that people need to be more careful about the fact that the Messenger of Allah has warned about this condition, and that the Holy Qur'an calls this as "the devil's work". "Because this sensitivity I hope will be instrumental in positioning us more accurately against the harams. 


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