Macron prohibits Turkish lessons

Macron prohibits Turkish lessons
Date: 10.2.2020 13:00

It was claimed that the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, was preparing to prohibit Turkish teachers from teaching the Turks living in France and who wanted to learn their language.

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A new ongoing education crisis between Turkey and France have been added. According to the news published in the French media, French President Emanuel Macron stated that he would announce the decision, which would deprive the Turkish student, whose numbers reach 15,000, from their culture and language. According to the decision to come to France from Turkey Turkey Turkish education teachers will no longer be accepted.


Our expatriate citizens who live their lives in a country far from their own country faced the threat of their children not learning their own language and culture in France. French Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer stated that this decision to be taken by President Macron will be applied with the lie "fighting against congregation in France".


Last year, in response to French schools in Turkey, the Turkish demands to open schools in France has caused controversy between the two countries. In 2019 the education problems between Turkey and France was added to the agenda without falling more than a new one. According to the latest data, the concern of our expatriate citizens in France, whose number is 700 thousand, is now concerned that their children cannot learn their own language and culture.


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