Macron will lose! He declared war on Islam!

Macron will lose! He declared war on Islam!
Date: 25.10.2020 15:00

Macron, who recently made his hostile attitude towards Muslims public, also reflected his hostility towards Islam to his official institutions.

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The cartoons published by the French magazine Charlie Hebdo and attempted to insult our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) were reflected on government buildings in the cities of Montpellier and Toulouse last night. This immorality, which Macron openly supports, has been added to France's record of Islamophobia as one of the biggest disgrace. On the other hand, reaction and boycott decisions come one after another from the Muslims of the world.


Condemnation and boycott actions from the Islamic geography to France are increasing. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Kuwait condemned France. Morocco and Qatar also boycotted French products. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation condemned France's immoral attitude. The statement said, "We condemn the constant systematic attack on the feelings of Muslims by insulting the religious symbols represented by the person of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)."
The dishonor of the immoral French government, which is an enemy of Islam, "officially" was met with great reaction from the Muslims of the world. French magazine Charlie Hebdo was attacked in January 2015 for publishing the dishonor in question, and many editors and illustrators of the magazine were killed. Recently, a French teacher, an enemy of Islam, showed the cartoons in the classroom as "freedom of expression" to the students, and after this immorality, he was beheaded and killed.
French President Emmanuel Macron, the enemy of Islam, declared the teacher who was killed for insulting the Master of the Universe our prophet Mohammad (pbuh) as a "hero", and the pressure on Muslim non-governmental organizations and mosques in France increased after the incident.


The Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned that political rhetoric that would create hatred, hatred and violence could have dire consequences.
* In Morocco, activists changed their profile photos on social media and replaced them with the text "Mohammad Rasulullah". They started a boycott of French goods and called on all Muslims to join the boycott. The Federation of Kuwait Consumer Associations has also launched a massive campaign to withdraw French products from associations, the country's largest market, in response. Markets in Qatar have started to remove French goods from shelves.
Markets in Qatar have started to remove French goods from shelves.
The Al Meera supermarket chain, which operates under the state in Qatar, is again in France. In response to the publication of cartoons insulting Muhammad, it started collecting French goods in all of his branches. Qatar University also postponed the French Culture Week event in response to France.


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