Market basket of citizens halved in Turkey

Market basket of citizens halved in Turkey
Date: 4.1.2021 16:00

The year 2020 of the citizen struggling with economic difficulties was spent with the calculation of "how do I bring the end of the month".

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In addition to the Covid-19 outbreak, the year of 2020, which was economically difficult, passed with continuous hikes in basic foodstuffs. 
Sunflower oil became the hike champion of 2020 with an increase of 80 percent. Flour and eggs followed sunflower oil in the price increase. While even the indispensables of the kitchens became luxurious, the market basket of the citizen, who had already made the end of the month difficult due to financial difficulties, was reduced to half.
Disasters, the coronavirus outbreak and the economic crisis deepened, also shook the household budget in 2020. 
As the continuous increases in basic consumption products continued throughout the year, the market basket of the citizen was reduced by half in December compared to January 2020. 
As Milli Gazete, we compared the market prices in January 2020 with the prices at the end of the year. 
In our news, where we examine the price hikes to basic consumption products throughout the year, we have compiled the prices from the average level markets for you. 
While there was an exorbitant increase in all products from A to Z, the champions of 2020's hike were flour, eggs and oil. On the other hand, the result has once again denied Turkey Statistic Agency's (TÜİK) inflation figures.


2 liters of liquid sunflower oil, which was sold for 18.90 TL in January, is now sold for 33.95 TL. 
At the beginning of the year, olive oil for 2 liters of 47.95 TL increased to 79.95. While 10 kilos of flour, another hike champion of this year, was offered for sale for 20.95 TL in January, 5 kilos of flour rose to 17.95 TL as of December. 
A pack of pasta, which is indispensable for the poor, sold for 1.75 TL at the beginning of the year, is now on the shelves for 2.25 TL. While 1.5 kilos of tomato paste, which is indispensable for meals, was sold for 12.25 in January, it is now sold for 14.95 TL.


In our country, where TURKSTAT does not have any confidence in inflation figures, milk and dairy products are among the products that increase the most in 2020. 
1 liter of milk sold for 4.25 TL in January is now sold for 5.25 TL. In the first month of the year, 800 grams of white cheese found a place on the shelves for 21.95 TL, as of December it increased by 40 percent to 29.75 TL. 600 grams of cheddar cheese was sold for 19.95 TL at the beginning of 2020, now it is 21.95 TL. A standard 3-pound yogurt is sold for 13.95 TL in January, while it is sold for 17.45 TL as of December. 400 grams of green olives, another product that we do not miss from our breakfast, was 5.95 TL in January, and now it has increased to 9.95 TL.


Protein-containing products, which are very important for our health, are also higher than ever in 2020. Red meat prices, which have been increasing for years, continued to rise this year as well. Accordingly, 1 kilo of veal for minced meat and cubes sold for 54.95 TL at the beginning of the year was offered for sale at butchers for 69.95 TL at the end of the year. The kilogram price of the whole chicken is sold for 8.45 TL in January, while it is currently sold for 12.95 TL. Egg prices were another product that was the champion of hike in 2020. In the first month of this year, 15 eggs in a parcel are sold for 9.95 TL, now they find their place on the shelves for 22.95 TL.


Tea prices in our country, which is one of the largest tea producers in the world, have also increased since January. Accordingly, the 1-pound tea package, which was sold for 25.95 TL in January, is now sold for 30.95 TL. While 2.5 kg of granulated sugar was sold for 11.95 TL at the beginning of the year, it increased to 14.45 TL as of December. On the other hand, bulgur and rice prices were also on the rise throughout the year. While 2 kilos of rice is sold for 14.95 TL at the beginning of the year, it is sold for 16.95 TL as of December. While 1 kilogram of bulgur was sold for 5.45 TL in January, it is now sold for 7.75 TL.


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