Media bridge to Africa

Media bridge to Africa
Date: 23.10.2019 11:00

Between Turkey and African countries, in order to ensure a more effective communications from remote and disinformation, Africa Media Representatives Training Program (AFMED) was inaugurated.

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A step has been taken to create a comprehensive media cooperation with African countries, where we have recently developed close relations. 
The opening program of the African Media Representatives Training Program (AFMED) organized by the African Researchers Association (AFAM), African Coordination and Education Center (AKEM), Presidency of Overseas Turks and Relative Communities (YTB) and Anadolu Agency (AA) Esenler Kadir Topbaş Culture and Art Center. many students from African countries to Turkey and programs, NGO representatives, academics and members of the press attended.


Who wondered Africa in Turkey, the number of people who want to do something about Africa, representing an increase with each passing day African Researchers Association (AFAM) and former President of Chad Ambassador Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kavas, "As you all know, there is a theory known as ‘win-win in international relations. When Africa's relations with the countries of the world are at stake, this phrase is used continuously. But we in Africa as Turkey 'win-win' not 'give-win' look with understanding. Whatever we bring to Africa, we believe that we will earn more. Because Africa is a winning continent."


Pointing out the importance of communication in his speech, Kavas; "Media is the breathing tube of a society, and if the breathing tube does not work, the whole body becomes uncomfortable. I believe that Africa Media Representatives Education Program (AFMED) will further augment Turkey's visibility in Africa. Here our African education journalists, not from the developments in Turkey and the world media or Western media, we think that they will share with their counterparts in countries Pursuing directly from Turkish sources," he said.


The free program, which is scheduled to last three weeks in Istanbul and Ankara, will continue until November 12th. Media representatives from 13 African countries participate in the training, which will be provided by journalists and academicians from Anadolu Agency. African journalists in will be in English the language of instruction program, Social Media and Online Journalism, Agenda and Resources in Journalism, Data Journalism, Crisis Reporting, the World Media Economics, Interview Techniques, Turkey's Image and Media Effects on Social Transformation, on issues such as Photo and Video Applications training will be given.


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