Mehmet Biten: "Anatomy of insufficiency"

Mehmet Biten: "Anatomy of insufficiency"
Date: 1.8.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mehmet Biten writes on insufficiency. Here is the full article.

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“There is no other choice, we will live together. Man has no basis other than man. Even loneliness gains meaning as the existence of other people becomes known." (Edip Cansever)
One of the biggest problems of the time we live in is that people constantly give themselves a share of justification according to the flow of events. It is the disease of reading and making sense of everything, every opportunity, according to their own position. One of the main causes of this disease is that people constantly experience inconsistencies and conflicts within themselves as a result of decisions made according to current needs, not with reasoning and rules. It has also made progress in the resolution of the conflicts by constantly creating greater chaos and excluding and eliminating those declared as unconstitutional as a result of the chaos.
Of course, the language and arguments used to bring this solution to life are extremely impressive, even frightening and hateful. In other words, all these things can be expressed as a genius of evil. All of these, in essence, cause people to leave their originality and freedom to the mercy and compassion of some people with their own hands, while giving the hands of their interlocutors a power that they can use according to their own enthusiasm, understanding and passion. When this power starts uncontrolled and arbitrary practices, that's when the gravity is noticed, but after this point, they can no longer control anything. Today, this situation causes blockage of movements and exploitation of people, issues, resources, potentials. They take advantage of everything that is considered useful for those who get a little bit of power, and they even do not hesitate to make all the contradictions that they know will contradict themselves. In fact, communities that lead to indifference, rulelessness, and arbitrariness unwittingly teach this way to their practitioners.
It is said that history repeats itself, but this does not happen. At best, history has a guiding aspect. Therefore, it would not be correct to talk about a lesson learned here if a movement constantly experiences certain breaks during its long journeys and produces problems in the same way. Therefore, shouldn't it be the most important tradition of such a long-term movement to take into account the events in history when concerns about the future of the political order and the movement begin to be heard? Where can a movement go with the idea of ​​a constant "threat of slipping", with this distrust and this psychology? Then why isn't a natural cycle created within principles, rules? Shouldn't the rules be the rules that regulate everyone's law? At this point, neither control nor supervision mechanism emerges. With a perspective shaped according to the needs of small groups, it should not be abnormal at all to manifest a process in which everything is messy and the future speaks of fears rather than goals.
Of course, the functions of demagogues gain importance in this process. At such times, demagogues most often find the opportunity to manipulate the emotions of the crowd with dignity. The process is generous in trump cards in the events that they might justify themselves. Because, in order for a hope, a goal, a dream, a thousand and one efforts to shatter in one fell swoop, their speeches, sermons and everything they mask by sacrificing is needed. They do not hesitate to use many instruments that people have heard through filling for years and do not question much about what they do and how they are used, to exploit their pure and sincere feelings. Some take on the cuteness post, some take on the last castle defense, but ultimately continue to play the roles that suit them in the game they've built. This goes on until there is nothing left to exploit.
Fears in the minds are the worst enemy of the future. For small and narrow communities, sincere, altruistic, etc. meanings are loaded, but as you make something smaller and narrower, diseases such as shallowness and inadequacy arise. In such times, it is inevitable that incompetent enthusiasts have the opportunity to mask themselves well, and behind these masks they waste everything for the sake of their passions. In fact, these types, which are known to everyone but tolerated in small calculations, find enough opportunities to make themselves obese in shallowness and narrowness. As a result, the clearest example of how a community loses its opportunities, goals, functioning and sociality emerges in this way. In the resulting echo chambers, everyone falls in love with the echo that pleases them. Reason, mercy, compassion, brotherhood, friendship of cause is replaced by a pollution surrounded by relations of interest. For this reason, a cycle is entered in which the journey is not considered at all, and some handles or sublimities are added to the journey. As it stands, the road wears out, the traveler gets bored, and the journey is forgotten. Happy are those who can continue their journey!


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