Mehmet Biten: "In the shadow of populism"

Mehmet Biten: "In the shadow of populism"
Date: 1.12.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete Daily columnist Mehmet Biten writes on populism. Here is the full article.

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We are at a point where "populist" approaches are in a great demand and in a way everyone is both critical of populism and devotion to populism. It is such a point that everyone is located at the exact opposite point. Every exit brings with it an exclusion and marginalization. Every populist movement produces opposing discourse. As a matter of fact, we are experiencing a process where only intentions and desires are effective without thinking and acting in a healthy way. Contrary to every spoken act, whatever it implies belongs to a circle of meaning that is so shady. So no one can exist with simple meanings. Everybody wants a world according to his shadow, not to the original. And he cannot stand another's difference to create the world he wants.
In a sense, there is a desire for a uniform way of life both in individual and social areas. Therefore, everyone is disturbed by the existence of another, and othering, isolating is perceived as a normal behavior and is not in any way odd. In every social layer, in every social structure a blockage is clearly seen. A situation of despair arises either in faith-centered movements or in human ideologies. They are unable to reach a restorative climate, which is constantly shrinking inward and repeating itself and promising to produce problems from within and hope to fight it. The winds of Hamaset are so influential that nothing can stand for the truth.
From what is happening everyday, from the world of thought to politics, we regret to see that both theoretical and practical dilemmas, inconsistencies and valued ones cannot find the value they deserve at this time when they take their heads. We are in a flat apartment where all the garbage should be upside down. Communities and behaviors that glorify them in whatever way they are opposed, are swimming in total chaos because of discourses and actions that speak of unity and scratch the differences. Therefore, it seems unlikely that they will develop a theory and practice that will move their movements out of chaos. It is also very difficult for the ideas which are positioned according to the existence of the other and where they stand, to produce a ground and replenish that ground.
There is talk of a return from the past to the present or a new opening, but the mental world is lost and therefore the upset events are perceived as normal. Therefore, it is not possible to return to the essence. As it is, what is suffered is painful through its agony. In fact, instead of presenting their own language, their way of life as a threat to the other, the life they propose will be enough to destroy all these perceptions. It would be an important milestone for a healthy start.
Every thought, every movement that tries to arbitrate itself over what others do and where it stands will eventually become condemned to be copies of others. It is not possible to get rid of populism by using its arguments. Therefore, the more accurate a healthy organism is constructed, the more accurate the process is. What is important lies in having a healthy circulatory system, individually or socially. Take good care of yourselves...


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