Mehmet Sevket Eygi: "Mayor candidates"

Mehmet Sevket Eygi: "Mayor candidates"
Date: 1.12.2018 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mehmet Sevket Eygi writes on the upcoming local elections. Here is the article.

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The following conditions are my terms. These conditions are in accordance with Islamic criteria and the rules of universal wisdom. Some of may get angry, but no! The religious conditions I mention here are very normal and desirable in terms of Islam and national culture. As a Muslim, I am not a Marxist, capitalist, atheist, feminist, of course, I will not be bound by the criteria of the ideologies such as Kemalism, Darwinism, which had been fabricated after the death of M. Kemal. Now let's go to the clauses:
He does not have to be an architect, but it must necessarily have enough architectural culture.
He will have a culture of urbanism. (I didn't say it would be an expert in urban planning.)
Landscape culture ...
Mayor candidates will be able to speak literary Turkish.
The greatest poet and edu of our classical literature will be able to read the Divan of Fuzulî, understand the meaning and have a literary culture to make a commentary.
Mayor candidates should have historical culture.
You will know very good logic.
Mayor candidates will have enough knowledge about Anatolian and Thracian cultures outside the Ottoman Empire.
Aesthetics, art, beauty will have the size.
Mayor candidates will decorate his office with great pleasure.
Mayor candidates will be extremely clean, transparent and moral; mixed, dishwashing, questionable jobs and parties will not be.
Proud, arrogant, selfish, will not be.
Mayor candidates won't be angry, be restrained and patient.
Mayor candidates will listen to the works of composers such as Abdülkadir Meragî.
Mimar Sinan will be their idol and loved one.
Although the personal wealth of luxury, luxury, grandiose, will not lead a life of life.
A single illegal building, will not allow the illegal floor, if the pressure will resign.
Mayor candidates will pray five times for being a Muslim.
They will often be among the people, wander around the bazaar markets, take public transport vehicles, eat at an artisan restaurant, drink tea in the public cafes.
Mayor candidates should love and protect street animals.
(For Istanbul) Mayor candidates will take care of the parrots, protect them, build nests for them, feed them in the winter.
Their conscience (without necessity) will not settle for a single tree or bush. It'll be green.
A certain portion of his salary (less than thirty percent) will be paid to the poor fund at the beginning of each month.
It will be armored and safe, but it won't be too new, too expensive, too luxurious.
On the way to the plane, he will not pass through the VIP door, and the queue with his beloved people.
His weight will not exceed the last two digits of his height.


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