Mehmet Sevket Eygi: "Western Civilization"

Mehmet Sevket Eygi: "Western Civilization"
Date: 8.11.2018 17:00

Milli Gazete writer Mehmet Sevket Eygi writes about Western Civilization. Here is the article.

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There is not a single civilization in the world, but about ten different civilizations (according to various descriptions).
Western civilization, the money is powerful in terms of weapons, the world has taken the grip of the world.
The fact that he is strong, dominated and reigned does not prove that he is the right civilization.
There are also Islamic civilizations in various civilizations. In theory, this civilization is the right civilization, but it is not dominant in reality.
Western civilization, every day, the Jews are moving away from the foundations.
Western civilization loses its old values, and cannot replace them with valid and consistent universal values.
Western civilization, with the nuclear weapons it has invented, has been destroyed once and for a thousand times.
Western civilization is not a universal civilization in accordance with the dimensions of man and earth. On the contrary, grave works that are contrary to the material are processed.
It was a capitalist, colonialist, hedonist civilization.
Western civilization harms the ice of the poles, the Amazon forests, the seas, the air we breathe, and all humanity.
It took out two great world wars and killed tens of millions of people. It is currently doing things to remove the third.
Western civilization is not a gracious civilization, but a devilish civilization.
Western civilization is a deadly sins civilization.
Western civilization commits suicide, the suicide of the whole world and humanity with disaster and helake.
Western civilization is on its deathbed, but it remains the power of destruction, culling and execution.
Western civilization rebelled against God.
It invented mane and destructive perverse ideologies such as Marxism, Nazism, Fascism, Zionism, Darwinism and Feminism.
The positive (positive) parties of the West do not grow to compensate the negative (negative) parties for their sins.
The West was a modern Sodom and Gomorrah where the same sexes were marred by religious ceremonies in churches.
The West excluded the basic questions such as "Who am I, where do I come from, where am I going?".
The West has divided the Muslims, who must be a single Ummah, into thousands of large and small parts that are separated from each other and made them intentional and planned in a way.
The West destroyed the Caliphate and made the Ummah headless.
The West is currently battling Islamic movements all over the world.
After the collapse of Marxism, Islam declared the number one enemy.
Because of the West, the Hermageddon war is going to return to the stone age, and the war is going towards terrible nuclear wars.


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