Mesut Doğan: "We won't waste, we won't let them waste"

Mesut Doğan: "We wont waste, we wont let them waste"
Date: 22.1.2019 15:00

'Saadet Party Haymana Mayoral Candidate and Municipal Assembly Member Candidates Presentation Meeting' was held with great enthusiasm.

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In his speeches, Deputy Chairman of the Saadet Party Mesut Doğan emphasized that all parties should spend their work in fraternity and peace until the election day. The election must be bypassed without slandering, lying, threatening, harming the fraternity law. I say this for you, the most valuable thing for a country is unity and togetherness. If there is unity and solidarity in a country, other existing problems are easy to solve. But if we say the words that will harm our brotherhood, which party won the election in Istanbul or Ankara has no meaning. In particular, the president, political party leaders and mayoral candidates should pay more attention to their words, steps and attitudes than ever, he said.
Saadet Party Ankara Provincial Chairman Fatih Beyazıt stated that Ankara and its districts were at a level that would not be suitable for a capital in terms of service. Our country is getting closer to the March 31 local elections. Our people know that the services made are a rent work. Therefore municipality in Turkey for the first time in history with golden letters in the print, the National Opinion municipality that understand what the service and quality will be reconstructed in Haymana hope, he said.
Saadet Party Haymana Mayoral Candidate Aytekin Yüzer, "Embracing everyone, working with the common mind by doing work without polarization, we are on this road by always dreaming of big dreams. Haymana's people migrate to metropolitan areas. Our youth are unemployed. Managers responsible for this. Did you make projects that would provide employment for our youth and didn't our people come and work? I hope that on the morning of April 1, we will do the work that will save Haymana's youth from unemployment. When the people are behind us, we knock down the mountains," he said.


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