MG Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Kurdas: "Don't be afraid, the economy is a good thing!"

MG Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Kurdas: "Dont be afraid, the economy is a good thing!"
Date: 19.9.2018 17:00

Milli Gazete and TV5 General Manager Mustafa Kurdas writes on Turkey's economy understanding. Here is the article.

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"Almost all of our agenda is the economy. Let the economic crisis be explained as the work of the foreign powers or to be treated as if there is no crisis. The crisis is a thing we breathe, as a state, as a nation or as an individual."
Let's take a different look at this agenda...
Exchange rate and interest rate policies, balance of payments, current account deficit, budget deficit, devaluation, inflation, emissions, per capita financial revenues ... The figures, indicators, graphs are very serious written reports.
When it comes to economy, everything seems to be a mess! The economy scares the man.
No matter how abused statistics are, bad economy never fits into sacks. Even though the economic data is polished, even if it is gilded, or even immersed in gold water, the economy that goes bad will one day steal people's doors and say I'm here. No bad economic management has not been overcome by the crisis. If the crisis is a surprise when we knock on our door, we are confronted with a process that is actually trying to hide. We call this ve crisis devlet to try to hide this bad economic situation, which, unfortunately, is often managed by those who rule the state.
Even though statistics, figures, graphs, and economic commentaries make us think of the economy as a complex and incomprehensible issue, the economy has a definition that every citizen can easily comprehend. If you write to any search engine, ”What is Economy?“ economy will appear "I'm not at all confused and fearful."
Try! Ask Google ”What is economy?’.
The answer is very lean:
All the forms of a human society or a country, to produce and to divide them in order to survive, and all of the relationships that arise from these actions.
Synonyms: economics.
meaning: economics
2. Avoiding excessive and unnecessary expenditure, attitude.
But what does synonym at economics mean? Again in the same clarity, you will read the same simplicity:
Aiming towards the target.
Saving in spending.
Did you notice that the economy is telling us with a simplicity that all of us can understand.
When the economy is defined, it does not say buy to live; to produce, it says. In other words, it stipulates self-sufficiency for a country to survive and divide economy and economics. You cannot divide what you consume, because it produces dividing.
Economy; does not say "Import, split," but says "produce and divide".
Take the straw outside, It doesn't say splitting.
Take the wheat outside, does not say feed.
Export the animal from thousands of miles away, and the division of rent is never said.
It doesn't say sell or sell factories.
What economy says to us; Produce and divide.
Even "produce and divide, but also save money," It says.
It wants us to save money while we're blatantly frustrated.
If you do not save all the produce, as a nation, you will remain under threat as a country says.
The definition of economy or in two simple sentences actually tells us everything.
However, the consumption policies that gave us the present big crisis for many years were swallowed as an growing economy, strong economy. Not to produce, to be imported cheaper to be imposed as rational economic moves.
Do we understand the economy? We do, I think! So what is the crisis?
Let's say what is not the crisis. Crisis is not a person, not an asset. Crisis is not a authority. The crisis is not an end and the result.
The crisis is actually a visibility; the visibility of drift into despair. The crisis in the economy, what starts is something that ends; And feel. Every crisis has a story. One day, one night or one hour suddenly began with the crisis of the dollar no crisis. That day only, years after the economic bad downtimes appear, have become felt and known. Visible, not known after the process is being done is not finished. Because the stage of results that must be endured begins with the crisis. At the stage of the consequences that must be folded, there is no longer any fault “Every wrong step from the point of feeling that we are starting to say crisis in the name of now, is a country that will lead to extinction, destruction…
Crisis is a definition, not a factor. In other words, if there is a delinquency about what is happening and what is happening, this cannot be the term ECONOMICS or the definition of CRISIS. Let's emphasize for the second time: There is no such entity as a crisis, there is no personality, there are those who misuse the economy. We meet crises because there are those who manage the economy badly.
Why didn't the state call this nation for so long, and it always consumed!?
Why didn't the rulers make the savings, spend them, spend it and make growth a habit?
Why have we become a country of credit cards?
Why are consumer loans always encouraged?
If the nation, the state officials, the state cars of the state, even if the state has not been able to feed the expenses of the state ... External factors, provocateurs, traitors, enemies, our economy is doing with a few moves ... Who is guilty?
Mr. Crisis is the who guilty!?
Is the guilty Mr Market !?
The criminal is Mr. Trump !? Or is Mr. Dollar !?
But the truth is;
If you do not talk about the export figures for years and talk about imports, the crisis will not stop.
In fact, crisis, is not in economy, but in government. In a well-managed economy there will be no crisis.
Let's face it at least during the crisis days;
We enlarged the numbers, but we didn't really grow the economy.
We built perceptions, but we didn't actually build the economy.
We must not forget;
Returning from the wrong can save this country. But pretending to turn it wrong will ruin this country. You can not get rid of the sneaky games mentioned by giving up the economy of exchange, interest, waste and consumption, nor can you quit the crisis.
Although they are always referred to as crisis; Do not be afraid, ”economy“ is a good thing!
Generate, share and save!
Even if it hurts all of us; If you can feel, if you can feel, if you can wake up, the crisis is your key!
Really feel! ..


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