Military aid for Israel removed from a US spending bill

Military aid for Israel removed from a US spending bill
Date: 23.9.2021 13:00

Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday removed $1 billion in military funding for Israel from legislation to fund the US government after objections from House of Representatives liberals, setting the stage for a potential fight over the matter later this year.

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Some House Democrats objected to a provision in a stopgap spending bill to provide the additional funding so Israel can replenish its "Iron Dome" missile-defence system. The US company Raytheon produces many Iron Dome components.
The dispute forced the House Rules Committee to adjourn briefly before leaders of the Appropriations Committee pledged that funding for the Israeli system would be included in a defence spending bill later this year. That could set the stage for another dispute over military aid for Israel.
The United States has already provided more than $1.6 billion for Israel to develop and build the Iron Dome system, according to a US Congressional Research Service report last year. This reflects perennially strong support for aid to Israel among both Democrats and Republicans.
Some Democrats objected to that policy this year, citing Palestinian casualties as Israel bombarded the Gaza Strip in May.


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