Milli Gazete acquitted of two cases

Milli Gazete acquitted of two cases
Date: 8.5.2024 13:00

Milli Gazete, which has not deviated from its responsible and principled publication line for 52 years, managed to come out of another legal battle successfully. The legal struggle that Milli Gazete has been waging for 4 years against the unfounded accusations of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives managers regarding the documented news has finally resulted in acquittal.

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The news titled "General Manager Adulterated in the President's Market Project", published by the Millî Gazete, which has been fighting hard to protect the country's agriculture and the rights of agricultural workers to date, with the headline dated April 20, 2020, was taken to court by the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives management.
The addressees of Milli Gazete's justified and documented criticisms tried to silence the truth and first made a decision to block access to our news.
The general manger took down the news, which was widely used in many places, and as if this was not enough, he issued a denial decision. And by court decision, they had a denial text published in the newspaper.
The executives in question went even further and filed a public lawsuit against Milli Gazete, this time on the grounds that the court's refutation decision "was not published where they wanted".


Milli Gazete has been fighting a legal battle for 4 years against the lawsuits filed to 'exonerate the adulterated general manager' due to the news it made based on the official records of the Ministry of Agriculture.
Finally, with the decision of the 32nd Criminal Chamber of the Istanbul Regional Court of Justice on April 19, Milli Gazete was acquitted.
Tarım Kredi, which lost the public case, objected by taking the issue to appeal.
The court of appeal rejected the objection and concluded the case definitively in favor of Milli Gazete.


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