Milli Gazete in Kashmir

Milli Gazete in Kashmir
Date: 20.9.2019 12:00

While the tension between India and Pakistan increased, the Milli Gazete went to the region in order to follow the developments.

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The tension between Pakistan and India is increasing day by day. In India, the Modi administration, an extremist Hindu nationalist, occupied the Jammu Kashmir Autonomous Administration with a scandalous decision on 5 August. 
While tension in Azad Jammu and Kashmir region, the “left’ part of Kashmir, which was occupied by India, was left to Pakistan, Milli Gazete went to the region to follow the developments.
While the tension in Kashmir increased, the Milli Gazete went to the region with the Turkish media delegation to meet the Pakistani colleagues in the capital Muzafferabad. 
During the meeting held at the Central Press Club, the Turkish delegation shared their observations and impressions of the Pakistan-India ceasefire line with their colleagues. 
Journalist Tarık Nakaş, one of the club managers, said that they never forgot that the Turkish people and the state came to the aid of the local people after the earthquake in Kashmir in 2005.


Stating that the people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir region have not heard from India's “Jammu” Kashmir region for a month and a half, Nakash said that Indian occupation forces have not allowed free press to work in the field. 
Nakas asked the Turkish media to support the repression and human tragedy in Jammu Kashmir with all the reality and support it to reach the world public. India canceled the 370th article of the constitution, which granted privilege to Jammu Kashmir for more than half a century, on 5 August, eliminating the special status structure of the region and separating Jammu Kashmir into two unity territories. 
In his speeches during the election campaign, the nationalist Indian People's Party government, led by the Buddhist racist Narendra Modi, who promised to remove Jammu Kashmir's special status, eliminated the autonomous structure known to the post-independence region.


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