Mine Alpay Gün: "Racist Christian Terrorism"

Mine Alpay Gün: "Racist Christian Terrorism"
Date: 17.3.2019 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mine Alpay Gün writes on Christian Terror in New Zeland. Here is the full article.

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When they lost their wealth and their economies worsened,
When the geographies to exploited diminish,
A world that loses its patience and love.
A terrorist who has under-taken the spokesmanship of this impatient and loveless world.
Neither could he forget Kosovo, neither Vienna nor Istanbul.
He was unaware enough of his issue to leave Anatolian territories to Turks; however, from Trabzon to Urfa, all Anatolia was Christian territories. 
Due to his Europe love he skipped Alparslan and 1071.
However, his hatred to Hagia Sophia’s minarets isn’t strange; some of us also feel enough shame for those delicate minarets.
As a matter of fact, malevolent enemies of public and humanity could show up among us who say; “I watched the video and wish he could come to Turkey this Friday and clean the mosques.”
Why should the sanctuaries; mosques, churches, temples of innocent people be shot, why should people be slaughtered.
With this incident, the West has been caught once again with its bad intention and double standard.
Europeans should be the most ashamed of the rising of racism in Europe. 
After the Charlie Hebdo attack, world leaders headed to Paris in no time flat to protest against terrorism.
The US President Trump also couldn't call the New Zealand incident as a terror act, he doesn’t just stay with soften the incident with his sentence ‘a terrible thing’ but also doesn’t stay away from the effort to acquit the terrorist;
“I think it’s a small group with very serious problems. I don't know much about the incident yet.”
According to our media which copy statement from Trump, the incident isn’t a terror attack but an attack to a mosque. 
New Zealand Senator, Fraser Anning, pushes the limits in hatred;
“Islam is a religion equal to fascism. In this example, the fact that Muslims aren’t in a killer position doesn’t make them innocent.” 
Anning is quoting the Bible, “those who gird on should be killed by weapons. Those who belong to the religion of violence and say that they will kill us shouldn’t be surprised when someone comes out and strikes them by their own words.”
Moreover, the massacre carried out with wide support, the possibility of condonation of the security units.   
Terrorist Brenton Tarrant wrote 17 hours before the attack on social media that he would slaughter and broadcast it live but the intelligence overlooked it.
Terrorist Tarrant isn’t crazy as the West has declared, but highly conscious and professional, like the Norwegian villain.
He already says he admires Breivik… The Norwegian butcher had also raided Utoya Island in 2011 and slaughtered in a youth camp and killed 92 innocent people which composed most of youth.
Also Tarrant gave the message ‘grab the weapons in the computer games you like much and shed blood’ to new generation just as Milos Oblic who couldn’t forget Murad since 1389 and killed him by stabbing him in the back. 
The terrorist, by broadcasting the massacre; He tried to inspire his followers to shed blood of Muslims and feeling pleasure of it.
With villain computer games, the West washes the brains of children of the last quarter-century, educates them about sadism, raises them with cruelty that will trouble the world, and prepares villain role models for them like Tarrant.
But the target isn’t that all, the West tries also to bog Muslim youth down to handing them weapons by inciting them and lighting the fuse of a new world war.
I hope no member of the human family; no religion member will never aspire to this bloody, dirty, purulent game.


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