Ministry of Health issues a circular 'to take precautions for measles'

Ministry of Health issues a circular to take precautions for measles
Date: 27.6.2023 09:00

The Ministry of Health sent a circular to 81 provincial governorships to take the necessary measures after the increase in measles cases.

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The Turkish Medical Association also suggested increasing the vaccination program due to uncontrolled migration and the increasing incidence of measles in Turkey.
It was learned that the Ministry of Health sent a circular to 81 provincial governorships regarding the increasing measles cases.
In the circular sent on 19 June with the signature of Prof. Dr. Sedat Kaygusuz, General Director of Public Health of the Ministry of Health, the following was stated:
"The declines in vaccine coverage experienced in recent years around the world, weakened measles surveillance and interruptions and delays in vaccination activities due to Covid-19, as well as ongoing cases in 2022 and 2023, have been reported by the World Health Organization as means that measles can pose a threat in every region of the world. In our country, measles cases have been reported recently. For this reason, there was a need to remind once again the precautions that can be taken against measles."


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