Ministry puts garbage import into its agenda

Ministry puts garbage import into its agenda
Date: 23.8.2019 14:00

Despite the projects implemented by the government on recycling, garbage imports are increasing day by day.

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Turkey imports garbage goes up to 2nd in the world as well, said the situation is hitting major blow to one million solid waste collector streets. Following the in Importing Garbage news of our newspaper, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization took action and announced that it would bring together the parties engaged in recycling.
Despite the recycling projects implemented, garbage imports are increasing every passing day. While Turkey imported trash world, especially in Europe, where in recent years the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development began to implement recycling in spite of great support in finding the Zero Waste Project failed to capture the public response is expected. Following the project, the government turned to garbage imports, which hit the street solid waste collectors. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization took action after our newspaper brought to the public agenda that milyon 1 million street solid waste collectors faced with the unemployment situation due to the importation of garbage from the government ’.


While the validity of the regulations on the import of garbage lasted only one day, it became a whiteboard due to the reaction of the other ministries to the regulations. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, who took action after the news brought by our newspaper, "In line with the news published in the press in recent years, the problems experienced in the import of waste have been necessitated to be discussed and in this direction, in order to discuss the problems experienced both in terms of the sector and the public and solutions to these problems It was decided that a meeting will be held".
Speaking to our newspaper, Street Solid Waste Collectors Association President Recep Karaman, "Turkey is the world's most garbage importing stressing that the 2nd country, Environmental and despite the implementation of Zero Waste Project of the Urban Development Ministry has stated that the contradictions of the import of waste." 
Karaman, "1 million solid waste collector is not in the hands of 12 companies. These 12 companies are exploiting the labor of 1 million people. Solid waste collectors travel around the street collecting waste. It contributes to the national economy. We prevent the cutting of 5 million trees annually. As an association, we have made great efforts to act together with the sector and the relevant institutions of our state in order to develop and strengthen the recycling sector and to protect the labor of hundreds of thousands of waste workers. However, with this import structure, the sector is losing blood and waste workers are starving. This is our problem", he said.


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