Moscow's iron fist on our border

Moscows iron fist on our border
Date: 27.10.2019 16:00

According to the agreement signed between Turkey and Russia in Sochi on October 22, Russian military police in northern Syria began to take on patrol.

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But what is the Russian military police, whose name we hear almost every day, especially with this post-reconciliation patrol? How is it different from other Russian soldiers and policemen?
The full name is Otryad Miliçiye Osobogo Naznaçeniya or Special Operations Police Unit or Special Purpose Mobile Unit which means OMON.
OMON, which was established on 3 October 1988 before the collapse of the Soviet Union, first started to work in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and 14 regions of Russia.
OMON then started to be active in other countries of the Soviet Union. They are currently operating in all regions of Russia with a population of more than 500,000.
OMON is used for tasks such as dangerous detentions, riot controls, counterterrorism and special protection.
Therefore, the rules of the region to which they belong do not apply to them. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the name of OMON, which has been active in the countries seeking independence and especially in Chechnya, has always been mentioned with violence.
OMON, which is described among the people as ‘Black Helmets,, is also an iron fist of Moscow regarding mafia formations. OMON, which has free fire orders, is being launched as a demonstration of power against the formations threatened by Moscow.


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