Mücahit Gültekin: "First they invaded the Jerusalem that in our hearts!

Mücahit Gültekin: "First they invaded the Jerusalem that in our hearts!
Date: 22.5.2020 17:45

Milli Gazete columnist Mücahit Gültekin writes on Jerusalem. Here is the full article.

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The photo above belongs to Zaid Fadel Qayseyah. Zaid was martyred in an attack by the invading Israeli soldiers at the Al-Fawwar refugee camp near the city of Hebron last week. He was 14 years old, shot in the head.
Neither in our country nor elsewhere in the world did this murder lead to any outrage; A few years ago, in July 2013, when Israeli soldiers arrested the “5-year-old” Valley, threatened to detain a 3-year-old child in March 2018, when he dragged barefoot 8-year-old Abu Hitah in March 2018, in November 2019. Just like when 13-year-old Abd al-Razzak took 5 Israeli soldiers into custody and last month, on March 12, 2020, when 15-year-old Muhammed Abd al-Kareem was shot dead again.
Israel arrests an average of 2 children every day; which one should we count!
Last year, in 2019, 745 children were arrested; that is, the hands of two children were handcuffed every day. Israel is known to detain an average of "at least" 500 children annually, to keep them in single-person cells, and to subject them to psychological and physical torture.
While such pains are experienced in Palestine almost every day, the sky does not tremble, it does not call our hearts, the consciences revolt, and the bellows do not rise to peace. These are happening as ordinary things in Palestine; If there is news in several newspapers, then the world continues to take care of its own business. Neither the blood of the children nor the pain of the mothers mean more than news for the world. Apart from the condemnation that came out in a few murmurs, Israel continues to do its job.
It was not condemned, it was this; It seemed that Israel also cared so much! Neither cares about the UN nor international law. We don't care anyway.
Arresting and killing children of all ages in Palestine is an Israeli strategy, a choice and a project.
Anyone who treats the Israeli terrorist network as "state" is a partner in this crime; The blood of these children, in one way or another, got into their hands. There can be no other explanation for this. No diplomatic, economic or political justification can explain the relationship with Israel. Establishing a relationship with Israel means collaboration with the world's most systematic terrorist network. Israel's existence is a test of hypocrisy that every state must reckon with. Nothing can be hypocritical as a world in which Israel's existence is accepted, talking about right, law and justice.
Today is the last Friday of Ramadan; World Jerusalem Day. So the day of reckoning with ourselves. The day when our own reality is hit by our face.
When every Jerusalem Day comes, a melody written on Palestine, which originated in the early 1990s, said, "They first occupied Jerusalem that in our hearts / We lost the war first, we lost it with ourselves!" I remember the lines that started.
Isn't this the situation for us, us Muslims?
What success can we talk about when Israel exists! What reputation can we talk about when Israel exists! When Israel exists, what pride and consciousness can we talk about? The honor of our existence has been mortgaged with the presence of Israel, right?
What else can we say?
Anyway, what can we say since Rachel Corrie!
I am asking Allah, do not pass a day when we do not worry about the freedom of Jerusalem. My Lord, you turn the direction of every petrified heart to Masjid al-Aqsa.


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