Muhammed Emin Yıldırım: "We have to sacrifice Hābīl"

Muhammed Emin Yıldırım: "We have to sacrifice Hābīl"
Date: 9.8.2019 11:00

Few hours to reach the Eid al-Adha which is the most important worship of Islam in terms of social solidarity.

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From the meaning of the Eid al-Adha, to the virtues of the Eid al-Adha in a wide range of things that should be avoided in our interview Yıldırım Hoca, "We lost the consciousness of the Ummah every sacrifice, we re-established by using the statements of the people of the Ummah of the unity."
Emphasizing that there are two basic dimensions of sacrifice worship, Muhammad Emin Yildirim said "First, we will continue the Abel line with this work. Known Hz. The two children of Adam were Abel and Cain (Habil and Kabel). Rights were the starting points of the cause and the superstition. Abel sincerely offered a sacrifice to God and he was accepted."
What is the significance of Eid al-Adha? What advice does our Prophet (pbuh) have?
The name of the current month is the month of Zilhicce in the Hijri calendar and this month is a very important month. It is a month when both the pilgrimage and the sacrifice are performed together. In order to understand the significance of this month, our God made many statements about the virtues of Zilhicce's nights, especially the first ten days. In fact, all of these bring us closer to the festival step by step and give us the opportunity to understand the true message, the spirit. The eve of the Eid al-Adha is a particularly important day.
The most important prayer of the feast is to sacrifice. How should the sacrifice be done?
Speaking of the Islamic geography of my teacher, the holidays are the days of joy of Muslims, but in many Islamic countries there are tears. What should we do for this occasion?
Feast is a little while, but we will enter the feast of hearts when there is sadness. What happened in Syria is catastrophic... Our brothers and sisters living in tent cities are in the middle. The forgotten geography of East Turkestan is in the middle. East Turkestan is on its way to becoming a second Andalusian. Trying to wipe the Muslims off the map. We receive such news from Yemen that our hearts are branding. Starving children, those who are screaming under the bomb. Arakan (Rohingya), Pakistan is no different. Eid is a day of joy for Muslims. We will be happy as the Ummah on holidays. This joy is with the sacrifice, salutations, musafaha is done, wiping the tear of the oppressed, the oppressed is taking care of. Eid is a possibility to turn the sorrows into joy."
We understand that we have an important social responsibility with the sacrifices. Those who have the means will sacrifice and distribute them to those who cannot. The sacrifices slaughtered on the advice of our master said that they should be divided into three parts. Some of the family, relatives, food; distribute a portion; some of them will serve to those who come to the house. There is beauty in this country.


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