Muhammet Esiroğlu: "City and civilization"

Muhammet Esiroğlu: "City and civilization"
Date: 17.3.2019 15:00

Milli Gazete columnist Muhammet Esiroğlu writes on civilization. Here is the full article.

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The city is the spatial counterpart of civilization, it is the place that builds, carries and lives the civilization in the heart. The cities carry the traces of the civilization on which they belong. Islamic civilization, took its first cores from the city of Medina, civilization rose there, the main character of the city of Islam also occurred there. Medina has urbanized with Islam, civilization was inspired by the city of Medina. So, city and civilization are two phenomena complementing each other.
Cities, as we say, carry on the codes of civilization. This has been the case in the past and today. The disorder of modern cities we can comment again like that. Just as Islam gave the cities a breath, in medieval Europe Christianity, in modern periods capitalism has given the breath of the city in the same way.
Max Weber in order to legitimize capitalism put the concept of Protestant morality on the agenda and tried to reconcile it with the religious capitalist order. The structure of modern cities like this has been established to increase the applicability of the capitalist order. Capitalism has affected cities and cities has affected the capitalism.
Modern cities are the social spaces of capitalism. We can see many aspects of capitalism in the construction of these spaces. For example, the reflection of injustice in sharing has manifested itself in modern cities. The increase in production without considering the needs has been possible in modern cities built with capitalism. Besides, changing the consumption habits is another important factor in shaping the city.
If we want the Islamic civilization give the breath again to the period; first of all, we must blow the spirit of space into our own codes. For this we cannot envision of the city as a place where only people live together. The only way to live together is not to share the space. The real thing is to make sense of this space together, this is an opportunity that civilization offers us.
After placing the cities on this point, we can realize how important the city's administrations are. For this, we need to carry out carefully the process of determining the local politics. The importance of local elections is mainly originated here. Otherwise, the local elections do not give rise to a result that could affect the central government completely. In order to win local elections, it is meaningless for these elections to make a lasting problem by directing its importance and priority to other areas.
If we talk about a lasting problem for these elections, it is not about the lasting of this country, it is related to the privilege, magnificence and rent's lasting. If there is a lasting problem this is actually the problem of lasting of our cities. The problem we call lasting is the nature of the sacked and the problem of the spill in the green pouring concrete on it. In our eyes, the destroyed historical sites and the ignored cultural heritage face the problem of lasting.
In this respect, we need to accept that we need a management understanding that places meaning to the city, gives identity to the city, and makes the city both materially and spiritually beautiful. The local elections offer us this opportunity. To date, the aggressive election propaganda that has been conducted we can see how much damage give to us in terms of social peace. At least we should see this process as an opportunity, our cities, and we should make ourselves a beauty. For that we must aspire to honesty before anything else.


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