Muhammet Esiroğlu: "Trust society"

Muhammet Esiroğlu: "Trust society"
Date: 12.9.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Muhammet Esiroğlu writes on social order. Here is the full article.

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Living in society is not a choice, it is a necessity. The historical process has seen different trials on how to achieve this. Many people and groups, from people living in tribes to people who built empires, tried to maintain social order. Each application has its own unique features. Although the tribes contain homogeneity in terms of diversity, other tribes sharing the same geography have definitely found an area of consensus on the sharing of this geography. Because while wars represent an accidental situation, the main thing is peace and reconciliation.
The basic condition for peace and reconciliation is trust. As long as people mutually trust each other, they can live peacefully and comfortably. Otherwise, he will feel uneasy and will not be able to provide peace and tranquility, as he will constantly feel threatened. Trust provides the vital rhythm of a person, because when trust disappears, the vital balance of a person is disturbed. For this reason, it is the basic condition of living together for each person to trust the other person.
The feeling of trust is as much in personal relationships as it is in trust in the community, state or religion he believes in. If a person cannot trust his wife, the marriage will not continue, if he cannot trust his neighborhood, he cannot be a resident there with peace of mind, if he cannot trust his state, he cannot guarantee his freedom or if he cannot trust his religion, he cannot be considered a true believer because his heart is not satisfied.
So far, we have touched on the importance of trust in social life, but the most important thing is how to establish this trust. In terms of our subject, we consider how different identities, people with different views or people with different beliefs can share the same geography. Of course, the most important element of this agenda is trust.
So how will people trust each other?
The answer to this question offers us an opportunity to achieve social harmony. In our opinion, the important detail of this work is that people mutually understand each other's sociology. Every person feels pain when his child dies, rebels against injustice or does not consent to sharing when he is hungry. The fact that these feelings can occur in all hearts at the same time is the result of mutual understanding. If we can achieve this, we will know all the troubles, all the pains, all the cruelties to ourselves. The world is not too small to be shared, not too big to need each other.
Discourses and actions that will raise mutual concern or make people nervous will prevent the feeling of trust from settling on the social ground. As long as the uneasiness caused by the emergences that can be considered individual are not resolved by those who have a say; Those who feed on chaos, seek profit from conflict, exploit people's feelings and apply it as a political strategy will benefit from this situation.
In addition, we need to turn the emphasis on mutual tolerance and respect, the demand for freedom and justice, from being the only obligatory pursuit of the opposition against the government, and turn it into a culture of general politics. Because this geography has enough historical background and heart to live in peace and tranquility for people of different views and identities. Our only shortcoming today is that we have not been able to demonstrate the will for it. For this, all we need is to meet on a moral ground where everyone can trust each other as human beings.


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