Muhammet Esiroğlu: "Ways of doing politics"

Muhammet Esiroğlu: "Ways of doing politics"
Date: 26.9.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Muhammet Esiroğlu writes on politics. Here is the full article.

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The main actor in ensuring social harmony is politics. Political parties are also the cornerstone of politics. Particularly today, where politics is largely shaped by elections, the importance of political parties is great. Because the scope of action of political parties is directed towards influencing these elections. The way for the public to express themselves is possible through the representation of political parties. For this reason, political parties' understanding of making politics greatly affects the social structure. Because of this importance, we will try to talk about different ways of doing politics here today.
The first of these is perhaps the most important person for our country. If the person who is the founding element of the political party is of central importance, a leader-oriented political understanding dominates the movement. Because it is the leader who values ​​the party and when you remove that leader from the party, he will have nothing to say. The realities of recent political history have shown us that such parties are doomed to disband and be forgotten after the founding leader. It has not been the case that the charisma created by the founding person was transferred to a second person.
The politics produced by the understanding of leader-oriented politics is proportional to the skill of the leader. The policy produced shows a dynamic situation due to the active leadership of the leader. However, with the leader's departure from active politics, the leader's production will begin to be consumed. The discomfort caused by this stagnation will be tried to be eliminated through the leader cult. Ultimately, it is inevitable that political movements with a leader-oriented understanding of politics will be limited to the life of the leader.
Secondly, the parties whose reason for existence is a certain ideological purpose are doomed to engage in politics in a narrow area. Because their political attitudes cannot exceed the limits of their ideologies. Therefore, they do not have a chance to reach large masses. Such parties do not have the opportunity to obtain the right to govern in the normal democratic process. Only through extraordinary processes can they achieve management. As a result, it is inevitable that he will adopt an authoritarian attitude as he will act with the concern of spreading his ideology to the base.
The third is the mass parties, which are based on quantity and aim at the preferences of the broad masses. The main purpose of such political movements is to be in power. Since democracy is reduced to numbers and the majority is based, their discourses and actions are determined accordingly. Such political movements resort to populist politics to influence the preferences of the masses. Consistency in their discourse and intellectual stability in their actions are not sought. The aim of manipulating the masses with a hostile language by exploiting religious and national values ​​is at the forefront.
Finally, there are political movements that place principles at the center of politics. The main thing here is to reconcile the basic principles of humanity with the preferences of the people. For this, the political movement must take a stance. It should aim to make the principles that it has placed at the center of its politics dominate the general politics, without ignoring the demands of the people, but without being enamored with it. It is important that these parties, which produce politics in the centrality of the principles, present this to the public's choice in a correct language. Because the main motivation of today's politics is persuasion. Convincing the public is the basic condition for the policy produced to be accepted.
In this way, we can see each of the different ways of doing politics in different parties. For this, we need to position ourselves according to the way we do politics, wherever we want to see ourselves while doing politics. Leader-oriented or ideological parties do not have a chance to have a say in the management in a sustainable way. Mass parties, on the other hand, have no moral value in politics. In this respect, the existence of political parties trying to make policy with principles stands before us as an opportunity for the political institution.


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