Muslim profiling program

Muslim profiling program
Date: 8.2.2021 16:00

The "Counter Terrorism" strategy that Britain started in 2006 under the name of combating terrorism turned into hostility to Islam

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Anti-Islamism continues to be fueled in Europe. The "Counter Terrorism" strategy that Britain started in 2006 to prevent terrorism went beyond its purpose and turned into hostility to Islam.
Prevent Policy, which is the third stage of the supposedly independent strategy to prevent terrorism, has caused great controversy on the grounds that it has caused Muslims to be blacklisted. Although the British Government has decided to inspect the Prevent Policy to prevent this situation, the controller he appointed is known for his hatred of Islam. Appointed to oversee the Prevent Policy, William Shawcross is known for his admiration for Zionism and his harsh rhetoric against Islam. Reactions to William Shawcross and the British Government have been growing steadily after a 4-year-old Muslim has recently been declared a terrorist because of the Prevent Policy after his appointment on January 26.
Prevent Policy, which constitutes the third stage of the "Counter Terrorism" strategy, is blackening Muslims. Zionist fan and anti-Islam William Shawcross was appointed as the controller to the Prevent Policy, which was decided to be audited upon the reactions. In the days after Shawcross took office, a 4-year-old child of a Muslim family was declared a terrorist within the program.


The anti-terrorism program initiated by the British Government under the name of "Counter Terrorism" strategy was established on three stages: Pursue Policy, Prevent Policy, Protect Policy and Prepare Policy. The 'Counter Terrorism' strategy, shaped by the policies of follow-up, prevention, protection and preparedness, has caused great controversy since the first day it was put forward. It was decided to inspect the Prevent Policy, which has recently gathered reactions on the grounds that it has blacklisted Muslims and processed through denunciations. However, William Shawcross, who was appointed to oversee the Politics, is known for his hostile attitude towards Islam and Muslims.


The appointment of William Shawcross, a well-known journalist and writer in Britain, as the head of the Prevent Policy, drew the reaction of the British as well as the Muslims. Shawcross, who is also the Founder of the Friends of Israel Initiative, draws attention with his anti-Islamic articles. Many politicians and journalists who do not want William Shawcross on the grounds that it will poison the fight against terrorism, agree that the Prevent Policy, which is already controversial in their statements, will become more problematic. William Shawcross, who has the words "Europe and Islam is one of the biggest and most terrible problems of our future", was also the director of the anti-Palestinian thought bank Henry Jackson Society in 2012.


Recently, a 4-year-old Muslim child was declared a terrorist because of the Prevent Policy that turned to a Muslim profiling program. When the words he said in the play were misunderstood, the British policemen who raided the child's house became the agenda on the grounds that they were blacklisted. This event, which took place after William Shawcross was appointed as the head of the Prevent Policy, revealed the dimensions of Islamophobia in Europe.


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