Mustafa Kaya: "Agriculture and high technology"

Mustafa Kaya: "Agriculture and high technology"
Date: 7.4.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on agriculture and high technology. Here is the full article.

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While the effects of the 2008 economic crisis were still going on, I went to Dubai. The city, famous for its skyscrapers, with traces of gaudy all over, seemed to have returned to its dead home. Cars, each worth a fortune, were abandoned in front of the skyscrapers. The models were difficult to choose from the dirt and dust on them. The owners had left them all and fled. The order, the majority of which was based on financial games, suddenly turned upside down. It took years for the United Arab Emirates to come out of that calender. In other words, just as the brutal and immoral virtual growth scheme that America's Mortgage Crisis and insurance system has built on the paperwork, Dubai could not save itself from this.
Today we are dealing with the coronavirus epidemic and are going through an economically difficult process. We live the days when financial games lose their meaning once again. From this painful experience, we are expected to understand the vital importance of the two main issues. Both are the main topics that can sustain a country in the most difficult time. These are agriculture and high technology. No country that cannot carry both of them today can fully maintain its independence. Its name may be independent, but in reality it remains only so-called.
Turkey, within the framework of EU harmonization laws to reduce to 10 percent the proportion of the workforce employed in agriculture has taken decisions without thinking and was empty the last Anatolia. In recent years, people have been compressed especially to Istanbul like a ZIP file. This is something like the attempted premeditated suicide for a country like Turkey. Quotas applied to agricultural products have increased imports over time, brought along preparedness and weakened people's ties to production. Compared with European countries is much higher meat prices in Turkey. Turkey is supposed to allocate 1 percent of agricultural GDP has never do it, but this rate could be nearly half of agricultural export. This has always postponed the problems.
Another issue is the obligatory need for Turkey's high-tech. The contribution of unmanned aerial vehicles and armed unmanned aerial vehicles to our country in recent years is obvious. These examples show itself even Turkey's R & D spending up until this time we have no evidence that budget allocation is required. Profits derived per kg in Turkey's exports is very low compared with other countries. $ 4 per kg, according to 2019 data from Japan, Germany 3.7 dollars, South Korea 2.54 dollars, 2.53 US dollars and 1.59 dollars, while China is Turkey's income is around 1.15 to 30 dollars. These data are indicators of how much value added products need to be exported. Besides, the dependence of exports on imports is around 60 percent. This means not being able to export almost without import. The support that will break this vicious circle is the mobilization of the country's qualified brains. This will also make the greatest contribution to preventing brain drain, which is the most important resource transfer abroad.
Of course, all of them in Turkey to happen it is essential to build confidence in the political institutions. This will strengthen people's sense of belonging to the decisions and positive developments in the short term. Transparency is essential. Being open to balance and supervision is also in favor of decision makers. Institutionalization is important for overcoming difficulties, preserving memory-mind and carrying it to the future. Maximum effort should be made to sustain justice under all circumstances.
As a result, agriculture and all kinds of investments directed to development of high technology, is a precondition for the future of Turkey looked more secure. In this crisis period when we have to face the coronavirus epidemic, the most important lesson we need to take from this process is to realize the need for these two vital areas.


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