Mustafa Kaya: "Being a material for American elections"

Mustafa Kaya: "Being a material for American elections"
Date: 18.8.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on the US and Turkey. Here is the full article.

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The statements of Democrats presidential candidate and currently surveys in 8 percent to 15 between the alleged leader Joseph Robinette Biden in January 19 last year about the internal politics of Turkey in the New York Times fell like a bomb on the agenda. Particularly, some names from the ruling wing entered into a mood as if they were very pleased with Joe Biden's statements. In fact, this statement is shame for a country like Turkey with the ruling-opposition. However, if we are to make a benefit-loss analysis, it is unquestionably clear to whom these statements accusing the opposition will be useful.
Well, why hasn't this speech of Biden been revealed and published until now? What do state institutions such as the Ministry, Embassy, ​​Directorate of Communications, Public Diplomacy, Anadolu Agency, etc. do? 
Why did a speech come up with such a delay? Is there really a weakness here, or is there a planned delay? All these questions are discussed and will continue to be discussed from now on.
In my opinion, it is another important topic of discussion that the speech Joe Biden made in the editorial board of the newspaper in December 2019 and was broadcast on FX on Hulu television channel in January, is on the agenda today. Apart from its unacceptable intrusive content, timing needs to be considered separately. Whether or not there is a different account in the business should also be discussed. If this speech is on the agenda today as a result of any political engineering, you can be sure that those who make this fiction will fall under this game. But Biden is no ordinary person either. These statements cannot be regarded as the words of an ineffective, unauthorized former lawyer. Yes, words are without limits, but Biden is not just an ordinary political personality. He is the vice president of the previous term and a presidential candidate who is likely to win now. No matter what time he said it, since he is still in active politics, these statements do not expire and should not be interrupted. Accordingly, statements made by the opposition wing are valuable and important. So the rejection of these words, Turkey's domestic politics and are facing such a reckless reaction to the opposition to brazenly voiced phrase is significant. Reasonable responses from the ruling wing to protect the law of the country are also correct and valuable at this point. However, what is written and drawn by the mankurtized trolls has no value whatsoever. It is necessary to see the reactions and words of those who turn to everywhere where the wind blows like the windsurfing as special reflections of self-interest and triggering. However, as it will be remembered, these trolls, who made a praise to the letter of the President of the United States Donald Trump addressed to President Erdogan in November last year, I cannot write the contents here, and which I was damned on behalf of my country, today, it is far from sincere that they emphasize the dignity of the country over Biden.
It is very clear that, as of the current situation, US presidential candidates Trump and Biden are making foreign policy much more material for domestic politics than it should have been compared to previous periods. Just as foreign policy was transformed into a means of sending a message to the domestic public through the minister whose path was interrupted in the Netherlands in the past, Biden also made this big mistake and made a discourse that should not be in diplomacy or in the tradition of states. Well, we are talking about an America that adheres to its own power. We are talking about a country whose mastership has been registered in coups and foot games. We can actually consider all of these as normal, but no matter what they do or say, it will not be possible for us to carry the issue to a healthy ground without answering the question of what we have done or are doing.
In conclusion, I want to make a call to power. It is obvious that you have not been able to write a new story for a long time. You are suffering from his pains. If you are hoping for such coercive scenarios, I think the job is already over, prepare yourself for the opposition. It is your responsibility today, and it is up to you to protect the law of everyone in this country before opposition. Now there are others in the opposition, it may be you tomorrow. However, this country and this nation will survive until doomsday. Think of yourself as an opposition party and react accordingly. Stop playing with the perceptions. Both people and people's perceptions are tired now. Do things that show that a foreign politician who wants to speak about this country is very hard to say in every sentence so that no one can say whatever comes to mind. Please give up your habit of making foreign policy a material for domestic politics, which is the main reason for our current troubles.


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