Mustafa Kaya: "BOP - The Great Ottoman Project!"

Mustafa Kaya: "BOP - The Great Ottoman Project!"
Date: 26.9.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Greater Middle East project. Here is the full article.

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The 76th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) was held recently. Before the meeting, the most discussed topic in Turkey was the course of Turkey-United States of America (USA) relations. With the NATO Summit held in June, it was seen that the ice over Afghanistan had a partial melting tendency. With the Taliban taking control of the capital, Kabul, before the estimated time expired, we again witnessed an increase in tension between the two countries. At the 11th Turkey Investment Conference gala dinner organized by the Turkish-American Business Council (TAIK) in the USA, where President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is present for the General Assembly, besides the message “Turkey and the USA are two strong strategic partners”, “We are talking about the development of economic relations with Biden. We are in complete agreement.” statements had diametrically opposite meanings with the evaluations he made after the Friday prayer after returning home. President Erdogan commented on the situation between the two NATO member countries by saying, "The departure is not a good sign." "I worked well with the son of Bush, I worked well with Mr. Obama, I worked well with Mr. Trump, but I cannot say that we started well with Mr. Biden," he said. The phrase "I have never experienced this situation with any leader before" has clearly revealed the deadlocks of the point reached in relations. Immediately after these statements, the positive statements he used about Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Syria issue and the evaluations made on the target of reaching 100 billion dollars in the trade volume between Turkey and Russia did not go unnoticed. As it will be remembered, the trade target of this amount was previously mentioned for the United States during the period of former US President Donald Trump.
With these evaluations, we saw once again that Turkey still continues to think with the codes of the Cold War era. Giving warm messages to Putin against Biden, with whom we had problems in the same conversation, is a clear sign of this. However, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. The world is heading towards a different point. There are such intricate relationships that if you cannot follow them closely, you may face being pushed out of the field. Our border neighbor Iran has become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), of which it has been an observer until now. While the SCO, of which India and Pakistan are members at the same time, is gradually increasing its effectiveness, Britain is able to break the Franco-Australia agreement by taking the USA by its side and signing a security cooperation agreement with Australia (AUKUS) and "hit France in the back". In other words, England thinks it's time to announce to the whole world that Brexit has unraveled. The place is full of smoke. Being exposed to a new international initiative and steps at any moment has turned into a very ordinary news.
On the other hand, although President Erdogan, in his statement after the Friday prayer, while talking about Putin, said that "the USA is not related to Syria at the moment", it is still not clear who has the key to the Syria lock. We have previously stated that the increased activity in Idlib in recent days resembles the silence before the storm. While the red line continues to be Idlib for Russia and Syria regarding Syria, the question of how the problems in Idlib, where more than 3 million people live, will be solved without causing any migration, is one of the most curious questions.
Well, well, I seem to hear you say what does all this have to do with the title? Yes there is! It is directly related, not indirectly. How, let's put it like this; I recently received the newspapers of 2004. Oh my God, I can't tell you what prominent people from different political parties have said about the Greater Middle East Project (BOP). Even the "Great Ottoman Project" comments were made for the BOP, which turned the Islamic world and the Middle East geography into a bloody laboratory, causing the massacre of millions of people and the displacement of millions from their homes. It has even been claimed that the USA announced this project to revive the Ottoman Empire. From the comments that all the Middle East regimes will change, expressions were used that did not come to mind until the USA and the US would work together within the framework of the BOP on every issue, including Syria.
We already knew many of these, but it really hurt me to face the evidence like this once again after all these hurtful and devastating developments.
As of the current situation, we have been in trouble to get out of the traps set up with the least casualties. Our search for a way out continues in the desperation of not understanding the fact that neither the USA, nor Russia nor anyone else will protect Turkey's interests alone. Unless we can establish a healthy relationship with each of them on an institutional basis, with an approach that prioritizes the state's mind, we will not be able to escape the tides of personal relationships. In conclusion, let us state the fact once again that every country that knows that its power is not unlimited will be more or less permanent in world politics. Turkey has inflicted the greatest harm on itself by pushing geographies that represent its "soft power", which are given to very few countries in the world, into hot conflicts. Despite everything, it is possible to get out of any problem. It is enough just to ensure the harmony of emotion and mind.
After all, the Greater Middle East Project is a project to revive racist imperialism, not the Ottoman Empire. Every event we have experienced has clearly demonstrated this fact. The final target of this project is Turkey. The duty of those who are awake should be to continue their duty of awakening others without being affected by any negativity and without getting tired.


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