Mustafa Kaya: "Did you say normalization?"

Mustafa Kaya: "Did you say normalization?"
Date: 27.12.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on "normalization" rumor with Israeli regime. Here is the full article.

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It is clear today how the Arab Spring process, which means the exploitation of the people's righteous demands, turned into a trap. In the meantime, neither these demands were met, nor we had have a much safer geography than yesterday. In addition, as you know, the biggest supporters of the dictators who approached those countries until they collapsed were also those who organized these days. When the dictators' terms of use expired, they too planned to move to a new phase of the siege. Our experiences are actually a result of these change plans. While saying these, they realize every plan they make, and I am not in a state of submission that there is no escape from this. However, I can clearly say that it is the mistakes of the Islamic society that pulled the Middle East and Islamic countries into this maelstrom. Because the necessary counter steps were taken against the practices of the Greater Middle East Project that put ethnic identities and sectarian differences on the table, and unfortunately their games could not be disrupted.
On the other hand, you know, there is a general rule; If those who cannot solve their problems directly with their interlocutors choose those who are fed by that problem as arbitrators, they will accept the insolvency, not the solution. This is what happened to them directly.
Besides, as it is known, before the Arab Spring, Saddam Hussein's rope was pulled in Iraq for the first time, but now there are a thousand Saddams in Iraq. Muammar Qaddafi was overthrown in Libya, but now there are thousands of Qaddafi in Libya. Yemen has been turned into a laboratory for sectarian conflicts. The process has brought the countries to such a point that the Islamic countries are now seeking the way out of their problems in normalization with Israel. In other words, they seek help from executioners. They raise the flag of surrender. They want to forget what happened in Palestine. They think they will build a safe future by erasing the past. They almost came to a point in Israel looking for people who react to Israel’s atrocities. Today, while Israel is being shaken by political crises, it is unfortunately Islamic countries that give what they want to Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu, who is accused of corruption. Everyone will admit that Israel is in its safest time today.
However, those who see the criticism of the Greater Middle East Project as a conspiracy theory, on the contrary, those who claim that the democracy need of the region will be met with this project do not show any sign of regret. They act as if they had no effect on getting things to this point. Minds are occupied. Minds are puzzled. It is up to those who are at work to act as if nothing happened. Isn't the worst of all the captivity of souls rather than physical occupation? Unfortunately, we are experiencing this captivity today.
And let's look at the recent assessment made of Turkey. At this point, President Erdogan made a statement on Friday, "Our relations with Israel at the point of intelligence are not interrupted, they continue. It is useful to remember the explanation that our heart wishes, let's move our relations to a better point". I wonder what those who see the "one minute" release that sprinkles water on our hearts as an unforgettable and historical lesson to Israel, think about this statement. After all, we went a little, we went too long, but the point we reached has not fallen further than the point we left yesterday? Both Turkey behind us as well as countries in the region, have spiritually will take years to clean both the substance did not leave him a wreck?
In the final analysis, these normalization steps consist of one-sided expectation and empty hope. Israel sees these agreements as confirmation of what they have done so far. It presents as its right(?) To be registered by everyone. However, there is another fact that Israel's plans and projects within the framework of Zionism are not only accepted by Muslims or Christians, but also by some Jews inside. "Anti-Zionist Jews" in different parts of the world protest and oppose Israel's atrocities, especially in the Palestinian territories.
As a result, these normalization steps will have only one winner. It is also Israel. The obstacle to the Middle East geography and Palestinian lands being a place of peace for all religions and humanity is the false belief that Israel is oppression, cruelty and “privileged” that sees itself above other people. Therefore, these normalization steps are abnormal results of an abnormal process and it is not possible to understand or make sense.


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