Mustafa Kaya: "Everything should be afforded for Cyprus"

Mustafa Kaya: "Everything should be afforded for Cyprus"
Date: 10.2.2019 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Cyprus. Here is the full article.

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The days that accepting non-solution is a solution as necessary have came and even passing. It’s no longer necessary to talk about how the trap we have in 2004 Annan Referendum tied our hands out. In the time periods when we were overjoyed for we would be a member of the EU and we would purr with pleasure, nominally while making accounts of being strong at the table with the “win-win” strategy ,today we are wanted to be transformed into an ordinary actor at ball flippings in Cyprus. While those who come from kilometers away were in uncovered-covered plans to shape the fate of Mediterrenean for their own interests, unfortunately the host of us on the island was questioned. At the end of the heartbreaking(!) challenge fot take “yes” ,in Annan Referendum with the love of the EU we saw that they had took the South Cyprus in EU with the name of the Republic of Cyprus as representative of North Cyprus. As one of our saying goes “who took the challenges up, who got tired for it but who gained the victory from it” we exactly came across with a situation like that. The ones that pay the price are us, the ones that saying yes when they were saying no in the referendum are us, the ones that are deceived, cheated, insulted are us, the ones that are forced to give up our historical rights and acquisitions are us but the one that rewarded making a member of the EU is S.Cyprus. Now, with this power they have in hand, they say that our interlocutor on our island is the EU.
By the way,let us say that the greatest weakness of this power is its fondness for applause, its belief without thinking what is behind for every applause, every word that is said. Unfortunately, at the point we have came in Cyprus is the traces of this weakness left us. But our historical experiences taught us the proverb “Don’t think that every one smiles at you is your friend” with instances fot thousands of times.
While this is the case, I think that it is important to know whether the question “Even though you’re an atheist, we know what message is behind visiting the Heybeliada Seminary. Still, we gave you permission but will you continue to bake boza at the head of Turks in Western Thrace?” was asked to Tsipras who came to our country and the answer was taken.
Today, unfortunately even though we had tested for many times in history, we are living the bitter consequences of being naively mistaken like “if we take a step, it may be a solution”. As of the situation we have came, if we are stil accepting the existence of a Cyprus problem at a time when everyone is using tactics to grab a corner in the Mediterrenean, we will not have right to complain about tomorrow. The unnecessary and empty things like a bilateral talk is presented  like a gift in a place where you are accepted not as the President of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus but the President of Turkish society, or head to head interviews should be left as soon as possible. If the cyprus is not recognized as a legal entity, then there is something to do, it is to provide the full integration of Cyprus to Turkey with decision of Parliament as soon as possible. Because. Cyprus is the guarentee of Turkey. Turkey should increase the military presence much more in Cyprus. Turkey, on the Mediterrenean dimension of thr defense of the country, is supposed to improve expansions taking Cyprus as a center for both to strengthen its position on the island and formations against the new unions that are attempted to establish in the region. In an environment where the Eastern Mediterrenean is becoming more and more important with every passing minute, Turkey can’t bargain at the table with the idea of winning by evaluating Cyprus aas a secondary subject in order to nominally relax in some of the other important issues. Cyprus is so vital that it can’t be a subject in take-give negotiations. Don’t forget that the Ottoman gave great importance to the Mediterranean. That’s why it wasn’t content with Cyprus and tried to had Rhodes and Crete.


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