Mustafa Kaya: "Foreign policy and soft power"

Mustafa Kaya: "Foreign policy and soft power"
Date: 30.8.2020 16:30

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Turkey. Here is the full article.

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We are going through very critical time periods. The threats emerging especially over the Mediterranean have become the clearest evidence that our country is trying to be drawn into the ring of fire.
From Malazgirt until the 30th of August Victory, we went through very difficult processes in order to be able to hold on to this geography that we made home. Sometimes the costs we paid were heavy, but we managed to survive in these lands at all costs. We are now at a critical threshold again. It is clear that when we put our strengths and weaknesses on the table, when we reveal threats and opportunities, we maintain our important position in the balance of power. However, we also have to express our concern. Every day, Turkey is moving away from its will to use the soft power. Military power is of course always the most important. It is essential to be ready at all times for any hot conflict. However, it is strategically wrong to be in an approach that puts military power on someone's scale. A mysterious area that will cause constant concern among the interlocutors, some unknowns should always remain. It is not tactically correct to reveal military power at every opportunity, to put it in the eyes of rivals and to attempt a show of power over it. This approach facilitates cooperation on the other side through power balance calculations. This is what is happening today in the Mediterranean. The proliferation of Greece's allies can only be explained in this way. In the background of the solidarity of Greece and France, America and the European Union countries, there is the need for cooperation against this reality. So which countries in the alliance against Turkey, conflicts of interest between themselves, as if it did not have deep reckoning. Here are the countries that Turkey will turn them on these issues in its favor is having trouble today not because of diplomatic maneuvers. Or it can stand against Turkey with Greece which capacity? Which might be enough power to fight with Turkey? Do not those who support Greece know all these facts?
Okay, okay, sometimes shouldn't it be showing the biceps? Of course it should. However, he is concerned that no one in this region destined to soft power of Turkey, can not use as required since several years. Soft power is also to show the biceps in a sense.
Let's give a simple example. As it is known, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu went to Lebanon after the explosion in Beirut. There, “It is the instruction of our President. I am Turkish, I said I'll give Turkmen citizenship of the Republic of Turkey to our compatriots," he said. This is such a false statement that I didn't want to believe it when I first heard it. Of course, the necessary facilities should be provided to those who face threats such as genocide. But this kind of statement damages the soft power of Turkey in the world. It is wrong to explain this as something very important and turn it into propaganda. Our people inside said, "How beautiful. Turkey is taking hold of people," it cheers but not this state of mind is a political mind. People in positions of responsibility are political figures, but not the parties they govern, but the state. The real people that lived in there to be confidence in Turkey's main task. The state mind is expected to work like this. This statement and this approach to the events in Lebanon is what losing land is. This understanding is literally equivalent to withdrawing. Direction facing Turkey, ear, no matter where in the world that every person in this land "soft power" is a part. The decision of the Suleyman Shah Tomb yesterday was a big mistake, the Minister Çavuşoğlu's statement is also wrong. So Turkey is obliged to know the correct and appropriate use of soft power.
In addition to all these evaluations, it should be stated once again that we are going through very critical days as we have stated at the beginning. We announce NAVTEXs (Navigation Alert) in the Mediterranean. Our seismic survey ships and accompanying navy are performing critical tasks by showing flags. F-16 flights are realizing very important in order to protect the rights of Turkey's declared. In our tradition, when the army prepares for an expedition, when it enters a road, or when it begins an important task, it is not necessary to make them ask the question of “I wonder”. Our words are politicians and we say every word with a haircut.
It is primarily the duty of the government to protect the rights and laws of this country. Do not worry, as long as they are willing to take the right steps. This nation knows how to stand by righteous struggles today and tomorrow as in every period of history.


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