Mustafa Kaya: "Gara - Crete line"

Mustafa Kaya: "Gara - Crete line"
Date: 14.2.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on the relationship between the US and Turkey. Here is the full article.

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Tension in the problematic chapters between the United States and Turkey has not decreased and continues to rise steadily. Finally, 54 senators from the 100-seat Senate sent a letter to President Joe Biden about Turkey, calling for action on areas they consider to be a problem. There were two prominent foreign policy titles in this letter. The first of these was the issue of S-400s that Turkey bought from Russia for 2.5 billion USD, and the other was the statements showing the extent of the relationship between the YPG and the USA. As it is known, in the period of former President Donald Trump, in December 2020, sanctions decisions were made against Turkey, which is a NATO member, within the scope of the "Fighting the Adversaries of the USA through Sanctions Act" (CAATSA). The senators' letter and statements from other officials reveal that the United States intends to take the sanctions even further, rather than back down. In Turkey, it is observed that there is confusion and a search for an exit, especially about S-400s. The "Cretan model" of the Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar can be considered as one of these pursuits. Minister Akar expressed this in the interview he gave to Sedat Ergin of Hürriyet newspaper and opened a new discussion. So, can this model overcome the problem? This does not seem possible. Because, at that time, Turkey opposed the deployment of S-300s, which the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus (GASC) purchased from Russia in 1997, to Cyprus. As a result, Greece had found a solution to the problem by storing the S-300s on Crete Island and opening them to NATO control. NATO turned this situation into an opportunity and used the S-300s in various exercises. Their purpose was to have knowledge of the weaknesses and technical advantages of the system. In other words, if Turkey plans to overcome the problem with this model, it means that it will admit that it has given up the security reasons it put forward when buying the S-400s. Let's say NATO has accepted this model, will Turkey be able to move forward in other problems? That is not possible either. We see this clearly in the letter of the senators.
On the other hand, the YPG emphasis in the letter shows the partnership between the USA and YPG beyond any doubt. The United States describes itself in Syria through the YPG. Seeing the determination of Turkey in its fight against the PKK terrorist organization, the USA is trying to create a legitimacy area for the YPG, claiming that the YPG has no connection with the PKK. The key phrase here is the emphasis on "fighting ISIS". If there is no Daesh, the YPG will not make any sense, so it would not be surprising if Daesh increased its actions again soon. Meanwhile, the US acts as if it plans to hand over the PKK and save the YPG.
In addition, the Turkish Armed Forces launched Operation Pençe-Kaplan 2 against the Gara region, where PKK camps in Northern Iraq are located. In recent years, the deep disturbances felt by both the Iraqi Central Administration and the Iraqi Regional Kurdistan Administration against the PKK have been known. In fact, there were clashes between the Peshmerga forces and the PKK from time to time, resulting in death. During the last visit of Minister Hulusi Akar to Erbil, it is probable that after Qandil and Sinjar, the mobility in the Gara region where the PKK tried to settle was brought to the agenda and the necessary cooperation was achieved during the process of the decision regarding this operation.
In addition, even if the USA says yes to the "Cretan model" proposed by Turkey for the S-400s, it will not give up the result it aims to achieve in Syria through the PYD / YPG. It will read what it knows in Libya and will continue increasing its support to Greece and Southern Cyprus in the Mediterranean. I mean, this cushion is the cushion of the USA and it is very difficult for Turkey to get results in the struggle here. Turkey needs to get out of this area of ​​debate and pull the United States into its own cushion. And this is through increasing friendships. It is imperative to stop praising loneliness. Turkey, which has managed to confront countries that have conflicts of interest among themselves in regional developments, seems to have shown the same mistake in the US Senate. The reason for this is the wrong steps taken at that time, as if Trump would always remain president. It is the logic of relationships built on personal intimacy. Today, we are experiencing the natural consequences of the mistakes that the corporate mind was thrown aside. In other words, with all these evaluations, we can say that the course of the relationship between the USA and Turkey will be mostly determined on the Gara - Crete line.


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