Mustafa Kaya: "How far will we go with this system?"

Mustafa Kaya: "How far will we go with this system?"
Date: 12.5.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Turkey's management system. Here is the full article.

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It has been understood more clearly each passing day that Presidential Government System is turning into a management model which cannot move Turkey ahead. We tried to express our thoughts about the subject both in the April 16 process and in the process after it, in some of our articles. 
I believe that with the new developments emerged today, it is necessary to mention the systematic aspects of the system once more.
So, why this system cannot move Turkey forward? Because in the beginning, it increased the most dangerous problem, the separation of national unity increased the damage. It caused political atmosphere to be fictionalized totally on conflict. A problematic path has taken, such as abandoning an accountable management approach. Even ministers could not take the initiative in their own fields. The state will shrink, the decision processes will accelerate, the unnecessary bureaucracy will disappear and the discourses are understood to be a wish. Because the state has become more central than yesterday. Ankara got fat. Even in a simple decision was pointed to Ankara as the address.
Beyond bing a discussion of problems and being a solution address, the parliament turned into a square where political parties dictate between themselves. When there is stability in executive, all sections of the Assembly will be represented and their propoganda is empty. Even the 10 percent threshold became even more permanent. The partied Presidency is starting to become the biggest obstacle to embrace the whole society.
In fact, those who fictionalized this system, they were in the right way on the assumption that 70 percent voters in Turkey. Under each circumstance, the executive acted on the account of it staying in “right”. One of the reasons for the realization of this system was the fact that the HDP which saw 13 percent in June 7th elections, would further strenghten its influence and that no HDP governments could be established in the future. However, it was clearly seen that the reasosns given by the owners of the system did not have a solid foundation even when it was not more than 3 years. Because the system was embarked upon the roads, the system started to give an error according to the logic of the establishment.
It turned out that it was wrong to build a business on the 70/30 thesis. Even the 48 percent vote of CHP candidate Ekrem Imamoglu in Istanbul showed that the distinction between 70 and 30 could change at any time. On the other hand, this system also increased the HDP’s strength and strengthed its position. That is precisely because of the allegations that the Istanbul elections were canceled by YSK on the day of the imprisonment of Imrali, the ruling wing on June 23 HDP votes in the elections to be renewed in the elections led to comments.
The Imrali statements of the parties forming the President’s Alliance were accepted as subtle messages to the HDP voters and they were presented as evidence of this orientation. However, such a system should be established that, of course this may be the presidency, the whole nation to find itself in the system. That system will increase the sense of belonging of society to this land. But now with this system, people began to break their deep mind. The process is moving towards more dangerous points.
Today, we are faced with the fact that there are difficulties in the functioning of the corporate mind in the state. In fact, there are comments that some institutions cannot protect their personalities even in the laws they draw. We are witnessing that our problems are increasing day by day because there is not an understanding that reads the society correctly, prioritizes transparency and centering the consultation. This system needs an immediate revision. People, parties, power need to be re-discussed in an independent manner.
Turkey can not afford long way with this system. Legislative, executive, judicial balance between the judiciary should be implemented as soon as possible. The state should take the plans of structuring according to the license and merit as soon as possible. It is not enough for the state to say that it is equal to everyone and every citizen. Otherwise, this system will condemn the country to much more difficult labyrinths.


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