Mustafa Kaya: "How will Turkey normalize?"

Mustafa Kaya: "How will Turkey normalize?"
Date: 8.9.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Turkey. Here is the full article.

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Our country's agenda changes frequently and every changing agenda drives us somewhere. In spite of all these problems, we are trying to proceed by hand under the bombardment of the agenda. Unfortunately, there are still those who act with the logic of reckoning, taking rematch. Today, however, we need a will more than ever to run a corporate mind. Sometimes we do not have difficulty in interpreting what happened. Maybe I have misunderstood or trying to understand and understand the developments by saying that these things may have different dimensions that I cannot see. Whatever we do, we can't get rid of that worry; Unfortunately, we continue to lose positions every day as a country and nation. Our social peace is threatened. We are sometimes ashamed to be addressed to the statements of the authorities who use irresponsible expressions whose end of life is uncertain as to the end of each extended microphone. No offense, it's not going to cost you to wait for things. Because the end of this trip is not a good place. We lose power, opposition, rightist, leftist, artisti, worker, officer, bureaucrat all together. We have to act with reason. If a country cannot get out of many unnecessary discussions and return to its real agenda, it cannot focus and solve its crucial problems.
Even the two discussion topics that we have experienced in the last few days are enough to express what we mean.
The first is the conviction of the CHP Istanbul Provincial Chairman. In particular, the ruling wing CHP is very satisfied with the punishment that the Istanbul Provincial Chairman has received over the past social media posts. The issue is now on the agenda of the judiciary. The process continues. The correctness and inaccuracy of Kaftancıoğlu's statements are a separate topic of discussion. However, everyone should ask himself the following question; I wonder why the post 7 years ago came up today? I also think that these events will have a boomerang effect and will set a precedent for many members of the ruling party or supporters in the future and will return and find them. Because they all have so many shares, speeches and explanations at the breaking points that our country lives in. In this case, I really find it difficult to understand that they have not seen such a trap.
Another issue is the efforts of mothers in front of the HDP Diyarbakır Province Presidency to look for their missing children for years. First of all, let's say that mother is mother. No matter what crime his son is involved in, he is the son first for a mother.
This country has gone through a very difficult period. The most competent authorities of the state listened to the mothers fluttering in search of their missing children and tried to find solutions to their problems. Of course, these efforts of mothers in those processes were important. There was also a common conscience in the public opinion for the efforts. But if the same conscience is not put forward for these mothers in Diyarbakır, what is not a double standard? Why don't those who play corners between the screens to evaluate every right and unfair issue listen to these mothers?
So, how will Turkey normalize?
Is that really possible? If this is possible, how can we normalize?
First, Turkey will be transparent. Heads to run the country with corporate mind and bring it forward. People won't do things they don't want to be done to anyone else. Everyone will stand up for justice. It will remove politics from being an area of ​​personal reckoning. Authorities will be entrusted to the owners. They will be able to empathize. They won't outsource anyone. They will learn to respect and tolerate the other. They won't let the minimum commons get hurt.
If we fail to realize them, we will continue to be enslaved to empty agendas. However, we have no choice but to normalize as soon as possible, make serious efforts to solve the problems and look ahead.


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