Mustafa Kaya: "Is it death or malaria?"

Mustafa Kaya: "Is it death or malaria?"
Date: 21.5.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Palestine issue. Here is the full article.

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When British Foreign Minister Balfour declared to Walter Rothscild that they would do their task to set up an Israeli state in the Palestinian territories, the calendar sheets showed November 2, 1917. Not too much, literally after a week, on November 9, the Ottoman army had been forced to leave Jerusalem which was theirs for 401 years. But according to a document that released in recent years most important reason of us to evacuate the city was not to have the strength to withstand the attacks. Yes, there were no good conditions in the terms of defense, but that was not the main motive of our abandonment of Jerusalem. Because Mr.Izzet, the last ruler of the Jerusalem, sent a telegram to Istanbul and said: “Shells are dropping into sacred places, emptying the city to prevent destruction.”
The face of the Palestinian lands that we have left so far did not laugh after us.  A century that is kneaded with blood and tears was left behind. Now it looks like we have another turn. We are faced with a play called “Agreement of the Century” which has been voiced by Trump since the day he was appointed to the post, and has been leaked to the Israeli press(!) aimed at solving the so-called Palestinian problem. When you first consider the US embassy’s decision to move to Jerusalem and then the statemts that Syrian territory Golan Hills belong to Israel, you can clearly understand what Trump meant by this agreement. The Great Middle East Project which means land clearance of the Greater Israel Project has made such a self-reliance to the United States that it can present a Palestinian dream completely swallowed by Israel under the name of the so-called two state solution expressing it as the “Agreement of the Century”.
So, what are there in the conditions that Trump calls the deal?
-An agreement will be reached between Israel and the PLO and HAMAS. There will be no Palestinian army. It will only be police force to be employed in domestic security. HAMAS, Islamic Jihad will leave arms completely.
-Jewish settlements will be protected, as they are. Even its connection with other settlements will be further coordinated.
-Jerusalem will be the capital of the both states, but the Jerusalem Municipality will adhere to Israel. Here is a statement that the status of the sacred places will continue as it is. However, with this model that the occupation will formalize, Israel has no guarantee that it will take a different step by reason of any improvement.
-With this agreement, the United States will provide 20 percent, the EU 10 percent, and the Gulf Arab countries will provide 70 percent of total financial support. So the Arabs will suffer for the burden.
-The PLO agrees that if the HAMAS does not agree, attacks on Gaza will be supported by the US. On the other hand, Gaza will be given control of Egypt.
All of this is claimed to be a draft. Trump’s chief adviser and son-in-law Kushner’s role in this plan is emphasized. As journalist Mehmet Akif Ersoy said: “Over the years Israel has shown death by constantly increasing the pressure, occupation and restriction on Palestine, said that accept the malaria. The new Palestinian state plan is no different from the past. As the defeat and loneliness of Palestine increases, the terms of the agreement are aggravated”.
As a result, we can say that the Palestinians have been slandered so far. Even those there were who said that they sold their land to the Israelites! In 1948, the proportion of Jews in Palestinian territorities was only 6.2 percent. Now, the Palestinians are imposed by a dishonorable treaty. The Islamic world is completely passive. They can’t do anything but gather and condemn. Everybody has their own trouble. As long as it goes on, everyone is waiting for their turn. It is imperative to find a way out. It is the necessity for Islamic countries to come together in spite of everything and all negativity. Or it is going to be worse for everyone.


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