Mustafa Kaya: "Is it possible to be hopeful?

Mustafa Kaya: "Is it possible to be hopeful?
Date: 12.1.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on changing world balance. Here is the full article.

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The world is rapidly chasing the balance of terror. We have seen more than twenty years of the 21st century, but what we have experienced during this time seems to have frustrated the positive expectations of the coming process. Especially in terms of our region -this region is in a sense the center of the world- it is an undeniable fact that the trend is getting more and more difficult with each passing day. While there are people who come from 10,000 km away and play horses as they wish in this geography, the people of these lands make each other's ethnic identities or sects as if they just noticed. There is no mistake in the diagnosis, just as the angels of the Byzantine female or male in the discussion of the poorness of the situation.
The other day I met a delegation from Iraqi Turkmen. In fact, for those who evaluate events, they made the photo very clear. They talked about how Iraq came to these days. One morning, the Shiite mosque was bombed and the Sunnis made propaganda. Another day they said that the Sunni mosque was bombed and the arrows were turned to Shiites. They emphasized how the Iraqis were made hostile to each other, and in a way, the infrastructure of blood feuds.
You know, Iran is a Shiite! Wow, how did we miss it? How could we not see that Iran is Shiite for so many years? Everything they say is 'I want to believe that you don't know', which comes directly to America's business. Every word they say with Iran turns into a PR study for America. However, it is possible to break the traps established for this region with a language that will tell Iran about its mistakes. They think that after Iran, everything will be rose. However, the country will be the target board until then to see that Turkey is miserable in Iran, they give an image Install the blinkers. They do not have reasoning skills, nor do they have a preventive approach in foreign policy. Populists. They're playing on the stands. They think that their scant deprivation will cover their weak applause. While they are dealing with the stalk of the grape and the garbage of the pear, this geography continues to lose more blood every day.
This is officially irresponsible irresponsibility if it is still possible to make comments on sectarian differences after the painful and difficult experiences in Iraq, Yemen and Libya, especially in Syria. Of course, each country will continue to be itself. Foreign policy, of course, cannot be carried out on emotional grounds for a long time. However, the main step that the Islamic world needs to take today is to put its internal problems in the refrigerator as soon as possible. The time and the ground to talk about the problems and problems that history has not been able to solve so far are not suitable for the time being. Because the will is not in the hands of Islamic countries. The common points should be highlighted first. This is the case for every aspect of life from economy to politics. The people of this region, despite everything, are intelligent. They know where the loss is, the ratio is an important stopping point.
Regardless of their ethnic identity or sect, Shiite, Sunni, who do not realize the hatred and hatred for those who have drawn curtains to their eyes, there is nothing other than to ask God for help. You, me, that, we should all seek ways to maintain hope and multiply the truth, even in the most difficult and unbearable moments. We are able to explain the actions of those who insist on wrong when approaching the days when regret is not worth anything.


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