Mustafa Kaya: "Is the Safe Zone the 36th Parallel in Iraq?"

Mustafa Kaya: "Is the Safe Zone the 36th Parallel in Iraq?"
Date: 18.8.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on 'Safe Zone' line. Here is the full article.

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The Safe Zone debate, which has been occupying the agenda for a long time, states that many issues have been reached with the US.  Joint Operations Center establishment, control of the airspace is understood from the headings such as the construction of the infrastructure and said to be started. In addition, it is alleged that the steps are taken to eliminate Turkey's concern for America's Safe Zone will be established in Syria. The biggest question that came to mind when all of this happened was the fact that in 1991, the actual situation that occurred in the northern Gulf of Iraq during the 1st Gulf War, we were worried about whether we would end up. As you know, there are some facts and there are situations that cannot be accepted as legitimate even though they are real. What is real is the presence of America and other foreign powers in Syria. This result is real but not legitimate. So not every real may be legitimate. What does it matter, you might think whether it changes the outcome. But send back your minds 3-5 years later and ask yourself how the US can use the legitimate ground it has created with this agreement. The answer you get is actually what we are trying to express. The question is whether the US will take any predicted but unwanted steps in the future, citing this agreement. In our opinion, each item called compromise must be evaluated together with this point of view.
Why did the need for the Safe Zone arise? What were the demands of Turkey?
- Turkey wants the first 30-40 kilometers deep. It is also trying to achieve this through the 20-mile promise Trump expresses. The aim is to remove all PYD/YPG people from this area.
- The other demand is to collect all the heavy weapons of the YPG and to take them out of the region.
- And the destruction of tunnels and positions built by terrorists that were actually built in the past with the US institutional wisdom.
These demands actually mean that the US has given up what it has done so far. Well, is that possible? So hard. Why is that? Because the US, thousands of trucks with heavy weapons, including all kinds of aid provided to the PYD/YPG. It called them local power. Already in the distraction strategy implemented in Manbij, it showed this by applying a protection shield in its own way.
Now the answer to this question is sought; Will it form a structure used by the US to control the Joint Operations Center of Turkey's action plan?
Turkey is another of the Astana Process conducted by Russia and Iran, then how can take along the way? Or does the US want to end the Astana Process completely by using the crisis in Idlib with this center?
In addition, as we have already mentioned, does this Safe Zone, which will be established by the Joint Operation Center, mean that the Hammer Force deployed in the 36th Parallel to the north of Iraq is now implemented in Syria? So the Safe Zone will turn into a game that will ensure that America stays in Syria for many years?
Does the America that speaking differently on negotiations, and does not take the signatories taken on the table for granted when it is in the land want to distract Turkey by spreading the agreement to time? For that case, it is important to state that in some statements made by Turkey there is expressions that the tacticts will not be nailed this time about Manbij to the US. 
The real Syrian crisis has not lost its importance since the beginning. It is also necessary for the countries of the region to act together to remove the global powers from the playground.
In foreign policy, sometimes decisions can be taken to save the day. That's the nature of it. However, if the S-400 is not a problem between us and the US, it is not a healthy outcome. We should never forget the fact that we are in a risky process such as losing the future completely when we say save the day in Syria.


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