Mustafa Kaya: "Islamophobia is a crime against humanity"

Mustafa Kaya: "Islamophobia is a crime against humanity"
Date: 19.9.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Islamophobia. Here is the full article.

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Western countries continue to increase the dosage of Islamophobia day by day. France does not intend to let anyone take the lead in this matter. Other countries show that they are persistently following in the footsteps of France. Recently, the Minister of Interior of France announced that they took action to close a publishing house "on the grounds of a separatist publishing line against Western values". Minister Gerald Darmanin made a statement saying, "I have initiated the annulment process, especially because of some of the works of the Islamic publishing house Nawa, which legitimize the jihad." Of course, if there is a crime, necessary action should be taken, but what objective criteria can the claim of “contrary to Western values” contain? After all, why does France continue to describe itself as the highest civilization, even though even the American social analyst Francis Fukuyama, who claims that the West's reach is the last point of humanity and explains this with the "End of History" thesis, declared that he was wrong? We have long been accustomed to French-style secularism practices describing themselves especially through anti-Islamism, but is there no sane person left in France who has learned from mistakes? Don't such decisions of President Emmanuel Macron, who is living in his first and last term, putting dynamite on the basis of the ideal of living together, ultimately harm France?
Today, more than 6 million Muslims live in France, which has a population of approximately 67 million. This means 10 percent of the total population. Why does France, which has the largest Muslim population among the European Union (EU) countries, see no harm in engaging in intractable and incomprehensible stubbornness with its citizens?
In addition, racism in France has gone beyond just a view towards Muslims. Discrimination against people of almost every color has become permanent. On the one hand, the fact that France, which is burning with longing for the old days in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, that is, in the Middle East and Africa, takes steps that are diametrically opposed to this intention within itself, brings to mind the phrase "this is neither diet nor sauerkraut".
On the other hand, Germany will go to the polls next week today. The developments so far show that Olaf Scholz, the candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), will most likely take the lead. “Why are Christian Democrats losing?” The question is the subject of a separate article, but the fact that the far-right party AfD has received more than 10 percent of the votes in the latest polls shows that Islamophobia and xenophobia have started to become permanent in Germany as well. This situation in Germany, where the highest number of Turkish citizens live in Europe, should be followed carefully by Turkey, and all necessary political and social work should be carried out in Germany to prevent the repetition of disasters such as Solingen.
As a result, Islamophobia continues to increase alarmingly in Western countries. Some recent events in Afghanistan and the images that have emerged are also cited as reasons for this increase. Global powers are using Islamophobia to get rid of the storms of the geographies they sow the wind. At this point, it should not be deduced that Islamic countries are completely irresponsible of what is going on. First of all, every Islamic country has to ask itself the following questions; Why do our people not want to live in their own country? Why does everyone want to leave their country at the first opportunity and live in the West despite the increase in Islamophobia? The answers to these questions actually constitute the main source of the problem. Unfortunately, Islamic countries, where justice, law, basic human rights and transparency do not exist, are becoming more and more livable for their own people with each passing day. People cannot feel safe in their own homeland with their understanding of management where there is no corporate mind. Of course, the deadlocks and weaknesses that Islamic countries are in, namely all these facts, do not eliminate the fact that Islamophobia is a crime against humanity.
As a result, in many Western countries, especially in European countries, Islam and xenophobia have become the determinant of government programs beyond being periodic. The world is already faced with the threat of a siege in which crises, epidemics, conflicts and terrorist organizations are proxy tools. Unfortunately, Islamophobia has become an area where Western politicians have surrendered to populism. The way to put a stop to this trend lies primarily with the rulers of Islamic countries and then with people who shape societies such as responsible politicians, academics and opinion leaders in the West.


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