Mustafa Kaya: "Istanbul, Earthquake and National Security"

Mustafa Kaya: "Istanbul, Earthquake and National Security"
Date: 1.11.2020 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Istanbul and earthquakes. Here is the full article.

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The earthquake does not allow us to forget itself. We had to face this reality once again with the earthquake that occurred in the Aegean Sea near Sisam Island, directly affecting Izmir and felt in the surrounding provinces. On this occasion, I wish God's mercy to our citizens who died in the earthquake and wishing urgent healing to injured ones. I will try to express why the possible Istanbul earthquake, which we remember with this earthquake, is a "National Security" problem for our country.
With the laws enacted after the 1999-Marmara Earthquake, it can be said that there is a partial awareness of earthquakes compared to previous years. Especially in Istanbul, newly built buildings have to comply with earthquake legislation and these processes are audited by the relevant institutions. However, just making buildings safe is not enough to combat earthquakes, it cannot. A high level of awareness is essential in the whole society. While this obligation is evident, legalizing uncontrolled buildings that have been illegally built over the years, such as "Reconstruction Peace", causes permanent damage to the perception of fighting against earthquakes in the society. It causes questions of intent about those responsible.
On the other hand, compared to 1999, Istanbul has reached at least two or three times the population. Compared to before the Marmara Earthquake, the construction quality is improving, but the steadily increasing population density ties Istanbul's hand in combating the earthquake. Even the coastal strips drowning in concrete without mercy, unscrupulousness and impulsiveness does not make Istanbul breathe. These structures, which are stuck in the heart of Istanbul, do not appear to be compatible with the earthquake, but as signs of defying the earthquake. However, experts are loudly screaming. They state that the mobility in the fault lines informs that the Istanbul earthquake is approaching step by step. In addition, in a city like Istanbul, which has one-fifth of the country's population, in such an important city with everything that is the lifeblood and projection of the economy, you do not need to write an expert in front of your name to calculate what a possible earthquake will cost and what consequences it will have.
See, Istanbul can no longer bear this migration burden. The greatest favor that can be done to Istanbul in combating the earthquake is to stop the immigration flow to Istanbul in the first place. Secondly, the most important thing to do is to create the infrastructure for reverse migration. God forbid, it may take a long time for Istanbul to heal its wounds in an earthquake. If he stops stops in Istanbul, Turkey. Stopping Istanbul also means endangering the security of the country. Possible social explosions can become the infrastructure for the emergence of different turmoil and conflict areas. Environments of such turmoil are also periods of time when someone waits for a continent ready to act. The terrorist incidents that took place in Iskenderun and Payas last week should also give us an idea for Istanbul. There are those who are waiting for Istanbul's weak moment and waiting for an opportunity to act. This is not an urban legend. The existence of these plans should not be surprising to anyone. Extraordinary moments such as earthquakes where control becomes difficult are exactly the environments they desire. Being awake 24/7 is essential.
As a result, everyone has to know the following truth, and those who are responsible must do what is necessary. Combating the Istanbul earthquake is not only a technical issue but also a social, psychological and cultural issue, and it is literally a National Security issue for the country. Raging, insatiable concreting and unplanned population growth are the biggest threats for Istanbul. The horizontal distribution of the population across the country should be ensured to the extent possible. Investments should be planned accordingly. Despite everything, there is still time today. Wherever the damage is reversed, it is profit. People should be fed where they were born. Istanbul's burden must be relieved. Yesterday Elazığ, Malatya, today İzmir and others, and tomorrow - God save - nobody will have the right to say "we did not know, we skipped it, we could not calculate the point" when there is an earthquake in Istanbul.


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